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Tentacles is an action-platformer game developed by Press Play and published by Microsoft Game Studios for Windows Phone 7.

You play as a small, black creature named Lemmy that has invaded the internal organs of Dr Phluff, a dolphin-headed scientist who failed to create the cutest creature ever conceived. As you go on your journey, Dr Phluff tries his best to send all manner of biological experiments after you.


Players maneuver the creature through each level by tapping near a wall so it can drag itself along with its clawed tentacles. The challenge is to avoid harmful objects along the way while collecting points and fulfilling certain challenge requirements such as completing a portion of a level undamaged or beating a countdown timer. The more successful you are in completing challenges in a level, the more points you can accrue which is then posted on a leaderboard for friends to compare scores. Taking damage from enemies and hazards will reduce your score.

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