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    A kunoichi from The Hidden Leaf Village. A weapon's specialist and a member of Team Guy.

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    Tenten From part 1
    Tenten From part 1

    Tenten is a supporting character in Naruto. She is the female member of Team Guy, teammate of Rock Lee and Neji Hyuga, and specializes in throwing weapons by summoning them from specially prepared scrolls.


    Tenten specializes in weaponry, and as such has not been shown to use many genjutsu or taijutsu. Tenten carries these weapons in a number of scrolls, though in Part II, she instead carries a single large scroll. Tenten primarily uses Projectile Weapons in battle, allowing her to draw weapons from those scrolls. She has occasionally launched kunai directly from her scrolls at a force as though they had been thrown in a manner similar to rhythmic gymnastics. In Part I her arsenal is composed mostly of steel projectiles, though in Part II she is shown using a spiked bomb. In the anime, Tenten has also conjured close-combat weapons from her scrolls, such as a bo staff, tonfas and even a heavy flail, as well as displayed knowledge of exploding tags. Originally a Genin level ninja who graduated the academy a year before Naruto did, Tenten is a student of Might Guy together with Rock Lee and Neji Hyuga. Her favored method of attack is to throw her scrolls in the air in such a way as to cause them to spin above her, then jump between them and toss a myriad of weapons at her opponent in rapid succession, otherwise known as Twin Rising Dragons. She also uses strings to control and guide the direction of her weapons. However, this technique is useless against opponents who use wind attacks, as seen in her short battle against Temari. Later in Part II Tenten carries around only one giant scroll on her back. Tenten uses a powered up version of the Twin Rising Dragons. This is later called Dragon Scattering Destruction. She uses her scroll to summon one large dragon into the air and fires projectile weapons at twice the speed of the Twin Rising Dragons technique.


    • "Ten", in Japanese means Heaven or heavenly so in this case, it means "heavenly, heaven".
      Tenten From Shippuden
      Tenten From Shippuden
    • "Tenten could also mean 'ten out of ten', based on her accuracy rate.
    • "Tenten" can also mean, "little by little" in Japanese, or "This and that." (or moving from place to place)
    • Together with Shino Aburame, Tenten is one of the only characters whose backstory has never been given, and she has not appeared in any flashbacks that are focused on her past specifically.
    • Creator Masashi Kishimoto favors her character design over all of the other female ninja in the series.
    • She is almost always seen with her teammates Neji and Rock Lee.
    • She is rumored to be Chinese mainly because of the way she dresses and looks.

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