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An online card-battle game with real-time battle action, forcing players to pay attention throughout the battle. Players must select a Hero and build decks with a mix of Unit and Action cards to take advantage of their Hero's ability and defeat their opponents. The first player to eliminate the HP of the enemy wins.


In a world where various Capcom universes are intertwined, a mysterious woman has been going around leading heroes and villains alike to a place called the "Land of Illusion" for her unknown purpose.


Subject to change with future updates:

  • Street Fighter
  • Monster Hunter
  • Mega Man X
  • Darkstalkers/Vampire Savior
  • Resident Evil/Biohazard
  • Devil May Cry

Card Decks

Each player chooses a Hero and (depending on that Hero's level) can select one out of three Hero Arts for that hero to use, which charges with every card they play in the match. Most decks can hold up to 30 cards, and cards come in two flavors:

  • Unit Cards: as the name suggests, these are the characters from different Capcom universes that can be placed on the field (maximum of 3 at any time). Some of them may have abilities attached to help their allies or hurt enemies.
  • Action Cards: Active abilities that can be played as long as the player has mana, sets off "Active Response" where each player has a chance to respond by playing an Action Card of their own (if they have the mana to do so) or simply Resolve the action. If multiple Action Cards are played in a chain, the Actions will resolve in reverse order.


Cards are split into four elements, which generally fall along these lines:

  • Red: Mostly focusing on pure damage and boosting damage output to crush enemies through brute force.
  • Green: Focuses on healing and shielding allies to keep them in the fight as long as possible.
  • Purple: Using passive and active abilities to control the field. Either by sabotaging enemy units by halting them and sapping their power, or using "Resonance" abilities to buff allied units with each Action played.
  • Black: An element that deals heavily in death, leeching the Hero's HP or destroying allied units in order to summon even stronger units in their place and eventually overwhelm the enemy.

Available Heroes

RyuStreet FighterRedFocuses on damaging enemy units
RathalosMonster HunterRedBuffs allied units attack power
XMega Man XGreenHeals allied units and buffs their HP
Chun-LiStreet FighterGreenShields allied units and can pierce through enemies
MorriganDarkstalkersPurpleHalts enemy units and drains life from them
DanteDevil May CryPurpleDebuffs the attack power of enemy units
Albert WeskerResident EvilBlackSacrifices weaker units to bring forth stronger ones
NergiganteMonster HunterBlackDecreases own life to empower allied units
Jill ValentineResident EvilRed"Explore" for items to buff allies and damage enemies

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