Terraria 1.3 Private GB Community Server (Shut Down)

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July 2 7pm: We restarted with a new large world on normal mode!

July 11: Server has now officially progressed to Hard Mode!

July 13: We are now using TShock!

July 23: Updated to TShock 4.3.6 / Terraria

July 26: Server has moved to IP address (note the change in port number, and password remains the same)

August 22: Server closed due to lack of activity. World file can be downloaded here.

Please connect to the server with your GB usernames or something approximating it if you can.

Hey everyone. a couple of days ago, @soulcake asked if anyone was going to set up a Terraria server since the new content patch 1.3 was dropping today. I thought I would start it up, at least to get it going and see if there is any interest in keeping it going. Since I've owned Terraria for a couple of years and never actually played it, I thought that the beginning of a big new patch was a good time to jump in and learn.

After messing around with the Terraria dedicated server this afternoon, I went ahead and set up an extra machine as a GB Terraria server. This particular machine is a bit older, but I think it should be able to handle a good number of players at once since the server itself seems to be a pretty lightweight program. So far it has only been tested with two players plus myself locally, but system resources looked good and I have plenty of bandwidth, so I think it should be able to handle a decent amount of people.

All regular Giant Bomb users are invited to jump on the server and play. Right now the server info has just been given to the staff and mods plus a couple of other users. Since it's running on this older box for now, I'm going to keep the player count low at first until I can determine how it's older CPU is going to handle the load. We can slowly increase it over time, or I can move it to a different box or hand the server hosting duties over to someone else down the road if that ends up being the best course of action.

For now, I'd like to get six or eight people on there playing for stability and load testing. If it doesn't go well, I'll move it back to another machine and run it from there. Please leave a note here or send me a PM if you're at all interested in checking out Terraria 1.3 and I'll send you the connection information. It is open to all regular and/or longtime GB users and subscribers, but please, no fresh accounts that just registered. I'm sure we won't have any issues, but standard GB community rules apply. Don't be a jerk.

Here are a couple of boring screenshots from the first hours of the server in it's infancy, just for posterity's sake in case this thing actually takes off. This is a personal community project and not an official server hosted by Giant Bomb or CBS Interactive.

Spelunkin in the first cave
Spelunkin in the first cave

The first building!
The first building!

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#2 Posted by Evilsbane (5618 posts) -

I'd be happy to jump back in, I wanted to give the game another run since I heard about the patch, sign me up!

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#3 Posted by Hero_Swe (1342 posts) -

Sure, me and the lady would like some friendly bombers to play with!

http://www.giantbomb.com/profile/danniku/ for her account

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#4 Posted by MrCK (39 posts) -

I would love to join in on this, checked out the update for a few hours yesterday and it seems really good so far (even though I was getting completely destroyed on the new "expert" mode :p)

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#5 Edited by AdequatelyPrepared (2522 posts) -

How does latency work for Terraria? As an Australian, would me joining in screw up everyone's experiences or just mine?

Sign me up I guess. I won't join if it'll be a shitshow if I join.

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#6 Edited by Getz (3764 posts) -

I'm interested in getting back in to Terraria, having not played it since it first launched. Count me in duder.

PS. I've got a bunch of weird loot left over from when I was running the dungeons that I can give out. They've probably added a bunch more stuff but it's at least gonna be better than what you can get starting out.

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#7 Posted by Mike (17993 posts) -
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#8 Posted by Ravelle (3305 posts) -

Sure I'll hop back in!

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#9 Posted by Sinusoidal (3608 posts) -

Ooh, ooh, I've been playing a bunch just recently. I'm totally up for wrecking everyone's.... I mean having a jolly good cooperative time!

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#10 Posted by Mike (17993 posts) -

Hey thanks everyone, I sent the server info to you all. It is currently updating and restarting, be back soon.

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#11 Posted by deox (270 posts) -

I've been looking forward to getting back into Terraria. Count me in!

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#12 Posted by onarum (3212 posts) -

I'd like to give it a try if there are any spots left

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#13 Posted by von_wemberg (206 posts) -

I'd love to finally play Terraria with someone I know or "know". My only experience with it has been solo...

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#14 Posted by Mike (17993 posts) -

Server is up, not planning any further maintenance or updates or anything for the rest of the day, so hopefully things will remain stable. Any issues, please report here in the thread and I'll see if there is anything I can do about it.

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#15 Posted by Kubertus (113 posts) -

hey i'd love to play. thanks for putting up this server. very nice of you!

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#16 Posted by BBAlpert (2908 posts) -

I'd like to give it a shot, if you have extra space. I don't know if I'll be on too frequently though, if that makes any difference.

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#17 Posted by Monkeyman04 (2793 posts) -

It would be cool to play with others for a change. Invite please.

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#18 Posted by winsord (1634 posts) -

I'd be interested in trying it out. I was never really able to get into Terraria when it came out, but I also never had a server to play on, which seems kind of key to the experience.

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#19 Posted by Getz (3764 posts) -

server appears to be down

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#20 Posted by 49th (3896 posts) -

I wouldn't mind joining. Not sure how much I'll be playing but I do want to check out some of the new content and don't feel like playing alone.

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#21 Edited by Mike (17993 posts) -

@getz said:

server appears to be down

It was down for a little bit, we had a power outage here unfortunately. It's all back up now.

@49th@bbalpert@winsord@kubertus Sent you guys the info. Limit 12 players now.

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#22 Posted by JoshuaShore (15 posts) -

I love me some co-op, and haven't put as many hours into Terraria as I'd like! I'll be playing this update, and way into joining up with friends! If there's space, I'll appreciate the invite =)

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#23 Edited by Mike (17993 posts) -

@joshuashore: Sent.

Just set up a periodic and automatic cloud backup of the World file, so if for some reason it ever gets corrupted I have both a local and a cloud backup that are no older than 15 minutes.

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#24 Posted by Fallen189 (5453 posts) -

I'd love to hop on with you fellas at some point. As a complete noob to the game, experiencing it with other people could be cool

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#25 Edited by JimiPeppr (609 posts) -

I'd like to take a peek. Haven't really played since the original version... could be interesting.

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#26 Edited by onarum (3212 posts) -

seems to be down again :(

edit: and back up

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#27 Posted by Subjugation (4992 posts) -

I'm interested in playing with other duders. I only ever played the vanilla version and that was by myself.

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#28 Posted by Mike (17993 posts) -

@onarum said:

seems to be down again :(

Yeah, another power outage. It's because of the heat we're having today, I think. Should be back momentarily, sorry about that. First day troubles and all that.

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#30 Edited by Mike (17993 posts) -

Moved the server to a UPS system and reworked some network stuff, should be more stable now. There should be a tad less latency across the board. The server and all of my network equipment should be good for at least an hour without power now, too!

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#31 Posted by ZombiePie (7404 posts) -

What is this?

No Caption Provided

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#32 Posted by Capum15 (6007 posts) -

I'd be up for testing it out or whatnot. Spent a bit of time before the update running around a world seeing what I had missed since 1.2 originally went up and lost some hours to that, but I haven't gotten to try out 1.3 yet.

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#33 Posted by Mike (17993 posts) -

@capum15: Awesome, I sent you the details.

The cap is up to 12 players now, let me know if the server is full and seems like it can handle more people and I'll keep bumping it up.

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#34 Posted by FinalDasa (3189 posts) -

I still don't know what I'm doing in Terraria. Pretty sure I stole someone's boomerang.

Moderator Online
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#35 Posted by Mike (17993 posts) -

@finaldasa: I'm struggling with the controls and being able to actually see all the icons in the UI, personally. On my monitor, all of the sprites sort of look the same, especially for smaller items. Lowering my resolution and playing in windowed mode helped a bit, but it's still extremely difficult to see anything.

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#36 Posted by Marty20k (254 posts) -

I've got 100 hours in the game , might aswell rack a few more with the GB community, count me in!

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#37 Posted by Mike (17993 posts) -

@marty20k: You got it, I sent you a message!

Server has been nice and stable for the last four hours or so, I think I finally got everything nailed down. Looking good for higher capacity, too.

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#38 Posted by azrailx (604 posts) -

i'd like to play on the server if i may!

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#39 Posted by Subjugation (4992 posts) -

I guess my first post was too ambiguous. Yo MB, I'd enjoy checking 1.3 out with you guys on this server. Please.

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#40 Posted by Mike (17993 posts) -

@subjugation: Hey sorry, I thought I sent it to you the first time.

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#41 Posted by OurSin_360 (6162 posts) -

bought this game years ago and never got around to playing it, i just remember everything being way to small to see.

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#42 Posted by Mike (17993 posts) -

@oursin_360: Same here, it got a little better when I ran the game in a lower resolution, though. It doesn't affect the image quality too much since everything is pixel art anyway.

I sent you the connection info in case you want to check it out!

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#43 Edited by NuclearWinter (1007 posts) -
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#44 Posted by Ravelle (3305 posts) -

Where is everyone located? I spawned at a crowded NPC village and got killed trying to explore.

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#45 Posted by Sweep (10595 posts) -

@ravelle said:

Where is everyone located? I spawned at a crowded NPC village and got killed trying to explore.

Story of my life.

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#46 Posted by cmblasko (2932 posts) -

I'd like to play if there is still room.

In regards to the game's visuals, I've found that resolutions over 1280x720 make the sprites too small and the scene too cluttered to be legible.

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#47 Posted by Mike (17993 posts) -

@cmblasko: No problem, plenty of room!

In other news: I made some changes to the server and there is now a lot more free CPU time and RAM, so I think the capacity for players is even higher than I thought it was. It ran stable all night unattended and seems to be going strong.

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#48 Posted by Pfhor (181 posts) -

Would love to join if there's room!

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#49 Posted by Mike (17993 posts) -

@pfhor: You got it! I just increased server capacity again, but it's been hovering around 4-5 players so there is plenty of room anyway.

Just updated and restarted, planning on the server being live and current as long as people are actually interested in playing.

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#50 Posted by soulcake (2753 posts) -

@mb There's a new update out you should update the server Thanks !

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