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    Terrence Sweetwater

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    Private Terrence Sweetwater is the communications and technical expert of B-Company.

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    Private Terrence Sweetwater is a soldier in the 222nd Army Battalion, B-Company from New Jersey. Sweetwater is the technical and communications expert of the team who was placed in B-Company for uploading a virus onto the military mainframe. He desperately wants to get transferred out of B-Company, as he's afraid Haggard's love of explosions could kill or seriously injure him. Sweetwater is attracted to Bad Company's female mission operator who is spoken of under the call sign of Mike One Juliet, but Sweetwater refers to her as 'Miss Julie'. 

    Sweetwater's intelligence and knowledge of The Legionaire is what causes B-Company to break off from the US Army and hunt for the gold in the first place.

    Sweetwater's self-description from the Manual

    "My name is Private Terrence Sweetwater. I don't mind telling you that all this soldiering crap really freaks me out. I'm not cut out for this. An army tour seemed like an easy way to get the scholarship I needed. But with my skills and knowledge I figured I wouldn't have to do any fighting.

    "Turns out I was wrong, 'cause here I am - in Bad Company. And, boy, did they get that name right! In fact, the company is so bad that sometimes I think I'm more likely to get killed by my own squad than by the enemy. That kinda sucks. But, still, we do get some good toys. Did you see that new laser designator? Pretty cool, huh?"


    • Sweetwater's serial number is 0BFMCPS2005MC360006, which contains several hidden references:
               - BFMC : Refers to Battlefield : Modern Combat
               - PS2005 : Refers to the year the Playstation 2 version of Battlefield : Modern Combat was released. The year was 2005.
               - MC360006 : Refers to the year Modern Combat was released on the Xbox 360. The year was 2006.
    • In Sweetwater's blog he states that he almost got a college degree and that he was going to apply for an MIT.
    • In a cutscene after the mission Snowblind in Bad Company 2, Sweetwater references to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 to when he says, "They'll just send in some special ops douchebags with pussy-ass heartbeat sensors on their guns instead of us."  referring to the Heartbeat Sensor gun attatchment available in Modern Warfare 2's singleplayer and multiplayer.
    • During the chapter "Zero Dark Thirty" of Bad Company 2, during one of the more serious idle conversations, Sweetwater reveals that he is an Atheist.


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