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Early Career

Growing up in Ohio during the "Golden Age" of video games he would recall walking many miles to the nearest arcade just to play Super Mario Bros. while dreaming of one day working in this enthralling industry.  
During high school, he helped manage a local Namco arcade, Time Out, where he successfully organized profitable gaming tournaments. 

After high school, he was accepted into DigiPen's first few annual waves of 70 students seeking a 2D/3D Art, Design & Programming diploma towards video game development. Later on he also attended Westwood College, where he majored in an Art and Design Bachelor of Science towards game development. 
In college he started volunteering at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, CA. During his senior year he returned to his birthplace of the bay area in California to seek a career in the video game industry. With little savings and huge dreams, he began in the bay area living off of focus groups and short term contracts from various companies such as Sony Computer Entertainment of America and Electronic Arts before landing his current position at Sega of America.

Sega of America

In 2009 Terry began working in Quality Assurance at Sega of America. He has since worked on many projects such as Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1, Sonic Free Riders for Xbox 360 Kinect and Alpha Protocol to name a few.  

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