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The Tesla-Beaton Prototype is a Pre-War, portable energy weapon. Originally designed as a compact, lightweight, anti-tank weapon, The U.S. Government seized the designs for it originally thought up by Nikola Tesla after his death.

When used, the Tesla-Beaton Prototype emits a particle blast that damages it's target on impact. A lingering electrical presence will continue to damage the target over time, reducing their health gradually.


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The Tesla-Beaton Prototype looks very similar to it's lesser version; the Tesla Cannon, but emits an orange glow as opposed to the standard blue. It has a more "makeshift" appearance to it, as it has various hanging wires and lights dotted about it's structure. It'a magazine capacity is currently 24 electron charge packs, but it requires a hefty 6 charges per shot, only allowing 4 shots per reload. It's downside is that because it is a prototype of the Tesla Cannon, it decomposes at a faster rate than a standard Tesla Cannon, making it an unwise choice for extended use.

It is one of the most expensive weapons to repair, costing around 20,000 caps to fully repair. It is therefore recommended to use Weapon Repair Kits to repair this gun. It will take around 4-5 weapon repair kits to full repair this weapon, the components of said kits costing only 100 caps in total.

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