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    Test Drive

    Game » consists of 1 releases. Released May 27, 2002

    Test Drive is a racing game developed by Pitbull Syndicate. In Test Drive, you play as Dennis Black, a street racer who is contacted by a wheelchair-bound man and hired to race in his place in a series of underground street races known as "test drives".

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    Released on May 27th, 2002 for PlayStation 2, and Xbox -- with a Windows version following 7 months later, Test Drive (known as Test Drive Overdrive: The Brotherhood of Speed in Europe) is the seventh game in the long-running Test Drive series. Developed by Pitbull Syndicate, and published by Atari it was the first in the main series of Test Drive games to be released for the then-modern consoles. It features 24 licensed cars with 12 law enforcement variants, 54 tracks, an assortment of single player modes including Underground (the games main story mode), Single Race, and Quick Race. Cop Chase, Circuit and a Drag Race modes are also available as well as 2 player split-screen racing.
    Additionally, Pong could be played during the loading screens -- alone versus the AI, or if in 2 player split screen mode against a friend.


    Featuring no vehicle damage, and the ability to simply knock traffic out of your way with minimal downside, Test Drive is a pure arcade racer. While racing throughout the numerous tracks, heavy traffic will impede you and police officers will occasionally give chase. Additionally, you will often race after dark when traffic becomes much less of a problem. 

    Car List  

     * denotes that there is a police version of this car. 
     Aston Martin 2001 DB7 Vantage*
     Dodge 2001 Viper GTS, 2001 Viper Concept GTS R, 1969 Charger
     Chevrolet 2001 Corvette ZO6*, 1969 Corvette L88, 1969 Camaro Z26, 1970 Chavelle SS 454
     Ford 2000 Mustang SVT Cobra R*, 1968 GT40, 1968 Mustang
     Jaguar 1993 XJ-220*, 2001 XKR*
     Lotus 2001 Esprit V8*, 2000 Lotus Elise
     Plymouth 1971 Hemi Cuda
     Pontiac 1967 GTO
     Shelby 1966 Cobra 427 SC, 2001 Series 1
     Subaru 2000 Imprezza 22B*
     Nissan 2000 Skyline GTR V-Spec
     TVR 2001 Cebera Speed 12*
     Toyota 1998 Supra*

    Game Modes

    Underground mode

    The games main story mode, wherein you are an underground racer fresh off of a string of losses. You are eventually contacted and propositioned to take part in another underground racing league -- and race for (using his car) -- a racer who has been injured and is now wheelchair bound. Progressing through the story mode, you will compete against cast of very vocal characters while racing in different locals and being rewarded new cars for finishing in the top three at the end of the race.

    Single Race mode(s)

     You are able to choose between 5 different styles of races. A Cop Chase mode where you race as a police officer trying to stop every reckless driver before the end of the race. Linear (point to point) races, wherein you race a predefined start and finish with no laps. Circuit Race has you completing multiple laps, Drag Race being a one on one race drag to the end of the track and a Navigation Challenge where you speed around waiting for arrows to give you directions on where to turn, these arrows appearing mere seconds before your turn. 


     A two player split screen mode, where you may compete against each other in the various modes.  


    There are four locations in the game to race in: San Francisco, Monte Carlo, London and Tokyo. Within each location are a number of different tracks to choose from with different geography and scenery. Not every track is available in every mode, for example the second San Francisco track can only be selected and raced in Circuit Mode, while the third San Francisco track can only be selected in Linear Race mode. There are a total of fifty-four tracks within the four locations:  
    • San Francisco (14 tracks)
    • Monte Carlo (13 tracks)
    • Tokyo (14 tracks)
    • London (13 tracks)


     Test Drive also features a fully licensed 17 song soundtrack from 10 different artists:
    • Alice DeeJay - "Got to Get Away"
    • Aurora Borealis - "The Milky Way"
    • Bubba Sparxxx - "Ugly"
    • Crud - "All Used Up"
    • Crud - "This Is Not Reality"
    • DMX - "We Right Here"
    • Ja Rule - "Livin' It Up"
    • Ja Rule - "Furious"
    • Junkie XL - Synasthesia
    • Junkie XL - "Future In Computer Hell"
    • Junkie XL - "Dance USA"
    • Moby - "Oil 1"
    • Moby - "Bodyrock"
    • Saliva - "Lackluter (Remix)"
    • Salvia - "Lackluster (Dance Mix)"
    • Young MC - "Know How"

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