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 Tetris Blast was developed by Bulletproof Software and published by Nintendo for the original Game Boy. Tetris Blast features both a single player mode and a two player mode. Tetris Blast differs in some ways from the original Tetris. In Tetris Blast there are pieces of the blocks that contain bombs, when the bombs are part of a row that has been completed they will explode. If four bombs are touching and make up a square they will turn into a large bomb which will explode much larger than the regular size bombs.


In Tetris Blast there are three different playable single player modes: 


In contest mode there is a different arrangement of already placed blocks and the goal is to try and remove all blocks from the field. Contest mode features a password save system.

 Contest Mode
 Contest Mode


Training mode is an infinite mode where the player can select the speed of the falling blocks.
 Training Mode
 Training Mode


In fight mode a computer opponent is chosen. The computer opponent will travel back and forth across the play field and the goal is to hit the enemy with enough of the bomb blocks to reduce their health to zero.
 The Second Level Enemy in Fight Mode
 The Second Level Enemy in Fight Mode

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