Tetris Blitz and Tetris Premium are no longer going to be playable on IOS after April

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Apparently EA is rendering its IOS Tetris games inoperable, possibly due to licensing reasons.

This is, of course, complete bullshit. I understand when games get pulled from digital storefronts, since licensing is complex and especially with older games was often not done under the assumption that the games would be "in print" forever, and of course multiplayer servers come down, but rendering single player offerings, especially that people have paid for, inoperable is one of the worst aspects of the modern game industry.

I have games that I like to come back to time and time again over the course of many years, and games that I buy digitally because there's a sale or whatever and don't get around to playing for a very long time. It would be absolutely horrible to have these games rendered unplayable because the idiots who made the licensing agreement didn't bother to phrase it so people who previously made the purchases could keep playing them. We are also potentially facing the issue of the sunsetting of digital stores at some point in the future (though if the PS5 and XBOX Series X are both backwards compatible this might not actually happen because they'll still have value) so games can't be redownloaded, but at least when that happens there's plenty of warning and you can make sure to download the stuff ahead of time so you can continue using it.

One of the reasons that Xbox is my default console platform is that I think Phil Spencer understands that gamers want to keep the games they buy, and will make efforts to make that happen. Xbox isn't always perfect, of course, and Sony has also been fine in this regard (The PS3 store is still up even though, unlike with Xbox, you can't actually buy PS3 games to play on the current platform) but this is a serious issue and Apple/Google just don't care.

As for people who say "just buy physical" that works fine if you have A) the space for a large game collection, which I don't, and B) you don't move or otherwise put your games at risk. I've actually lost more physical games through various means (theft, having to put them in storage etc...) than I have digital. It makes a lot of sense for digital goods to live on a server somewhere, but only if they're actually secure there.

Don't get me started on other examples of this, like Rockstar pushing updates to the GTA series to strip the soundtrack because their licensing agreements sunsetted.

Game companies don't care about consumers, and it's going to cost them in the long run, especially to the degree that they are trying to push an all digital future.

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