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Tetris Evolution Fails

I found this game while moving and decided to give it a play.  I think my aunt got it for me a few years back or something.  Anyway, first thing, this game makes me feel sick.  I even tried turning off the moving background and that did not seem to work.  I can play any other game, action FPS games with crazy effects and explosions and lots of different colors and lighting going on... but Tetris?  Nope.  It makes me feel sick as a dog.
This game is terrible for a multitude of reasons outside of its affect on my health though.  First, the 360 controller is horrible for Tetris.  We all know the D-pad is a joke, but then the problem on the other side is that the joystick is extremely sensitive for this kind of game.  The next problem is:  Why isn't this on XBLA?  Why is this a full-retail, stand-alone title?  The game cost $20 and that is TOO much for Tetris, I am sorry!
Despite having "Evolution" in its name, Tetris Evolution offers virtually nothing new.  I think the multiplayer over Xbox Live might be considered "new" but that is using the term very loosely.  All of the modes here have all been done before.  All of the options?  We've seen them before.  Tetris 2, namely the SNES version, had far better features (as far as a Tetris game goes) than this game does, and that game was released in 1993.
Overall, this is Tetris in its purest form.  It does not have many challenge modes or anything that separates it from the crowd.  There are many better options out there if you need to get your Tetris fix.

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