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Tetroid 2012 is a Tetris clone developed by apocalypse Inc and published by Entity in 2008. Tetroid 2012 was developed to be not only a game but a way for people to discover some experimental electronic music.


The game plays much like Tetris, but as the player is playing the screen can change colors and have screen altering effects. As the player completes lines a bonus meter will fill up. Once the bonus meter is filled all the way up it can be activating it, starting a bonus game. 

Bonus Game 1

The first game puts the blocks at the top of the screen and turns the game into a clone of Arkanoid

Bonus Game 2

The second bonus game puts you in control of a character which can drill through the blocks, much like Mr. Driller.

Minimum Specs

  • 500 MHz CPU
  • 64 Mb of RAM
  • Windows XP or later

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