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Thardus is a massive rock monster that has been infused with Phazon energy. It was locked up in the Phendrana Drifts region of Tallon IV. It was the creation of a larger operation called "Project Titan" (which also serves as another name for Thardus). These were the Space Pirate's tests of infusing Phazon into inanimate objects and non-organic matter, to see what the effects would be, and to create life out of it. Whatever further plans the pirates had were quashed though, as Thardus had become too powerful and was thus moved to quarantine. As Samus Aran approaches the massive pile of rocks in the Quarantine Cave, she soon finds out that this is no ordinary boulder.

Battle Plan and Thardus' Powers

Thardus holds sway over most of the conditions in his domain. He controls all of the rocks nearby, and is able to throw them at Samus. He also controls the weather, whipping up scathing ice storms to obscure your vision. It is also able to send ice spikes to freeze Samus. Once that happens, Thardus will curl into a ball and use it's massive weight to roll over you.

Thardus is a tough foe, but he is not without weakness. You just have to find it. Using the Thermal Visor will show his weak points. After hitting it a few times, Thardus will know what's up and obscure that visor's vision with heat. Switching back to the normal visor will show the weak points illuminated again. With much deliberation, you can take down this mighty foe.

Thardus relinquishes the Spider Ball when felled. This allows Samus to use magnetic tracks found in her adventures.

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