What's The Greatest Video Game: That's You!

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To catch up any new viewers: This is a growing list of games that I have played and completed in an effort to find which game is the greatest of all time. I encourage anyone interested to check out the first blog post for rules.

I truly do believe that there is a time in everyone's life where video games hit harder then usual. A time when games mean more to us then they did in the past or will in the future. I don't think that point is the same for everyone, and sometimes it is dependent on the game. Most of my favorites are games that fall into that time of my life (middle school to high school) where the amount of free time I have, and the responsibilities I have are the farthest apart. No job, few chores, summer vacations, those were the days when you could get lost in a game and it didn't seem like a big deal. Fast forward to now and I am in my thirties with two kids. Days spent playing 80 hour RPGs and doing all the side quests are over, but new games are coming out that are meant for people like me. The rise of Jackbox party games gave birth to so many, phone-streaming, couch party games. Some of them great , some not so much, but they fit my life perfectly at 30. Here were games I could get my other 30yr old friends to play, without teaching the controls or rules.

Whenever people talk about the Sony jackbox-esque games, the first thing i always hear about is how complicated the setup is. How if someone wanted to play a game with Grandma, how many hoops you have to jump through to get this up and running. Is that the standard? Can Grandma play this game? Listen, I'm not going to lie that Jackbox is easier to get into a game, but playing these Sony versions is not complicated. Download an app on your phones, connect to the same Wifi.. thats it! You honestly should be connecting to the wifi at your friends or families house anyway, and we download and remove so many apps on our phones at the drop of a hat, what is one more?

I feel like a disclaimer has to be said for these "Types" of games, your mileage varies by the friends you keep and decide to play-with. Are your friends boring people? Be honest! If your friends can't crack jokes, tell stories, or engage in some hypothetical thinking, then these games will not be for you. Are you playing with people who don't know each other? Then yeah, this game is not for you. Are all of your friends remote members of a CS clan? Then you actually can't play this game at all. Honestly, I know these games are not for everyone. They play like guided board games, you have be able to have fun with the people you are with and not rely on the game to crack witty one-liners all night that land. It may not be a game for gamerz, but I think these games serve as a nice side order to a gathering of friends.

The game itself is actually well done, the aesthetics look nicer then any game Jackbox has put together (that I had played), it was light-hearted, allowed us to rib each other and come up with our own dirty jokes, if we wanted. While all of these games use phone prompts and answers, I felt that they varied up the type enough to make it interesting for the time we played it. Some moments you are drawing on photos of each other, sometimes just answering multiple choice questions, and sometimes picking from cards to select which one fits the prompt best. There is enough variety here, that you could get away with playing more then one round with the same group of friends and not feel like it is a total re-hash of the first round.

Is it the greatest game of all time? No certainly not! It's a fun-enough party game that could fit in a rotation of people who are sick of always playing the same thing together, but I wouldn't claim it being the top choice either. All in all people should give it another look when the world returns to allowing people to get together again. It also doesn't hurt that when I got the game, it was free, a nice little bonus for getting it at release when they wanted people to give it a shot (highly doubt it is free now).

Ranking as it stands after this game:

1. Super Mario Bros (NES)

2. That's You! (Playstation 4)

3. Simpsons Road Rage (Multiple)

In case anyone is interested here is a video of the game from the way-back machine That's You! Please ignore two years in the past Phil, I didnt know how to not hunch over the camera.

Thanks for listening

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