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    The Abyss

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    Home of Kaathe, the Four Kings and Manus, as well as the source of all Humanity in Dark Souls.

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    The Abyss is an area in Dark Souls. It is a featureless black void that serves as the arena for a boss fight against the Four Kings. This area can only be reached after opening the Seal in New Londo Ruins, which removes the water flooding the lower portions of the ruins and opens the path to the Abyss. Players must also equip the Covenant of Artorias, a unique ring found at Artorias' grave in Darkroot Garden, before diving into the void. Failure to equip the ring beforehand or the removal of the ring during the Four Kings battle results in instant death. Once the Four Kings are dead, the Covenant of Artorias is no longer required for this area.

    Players that manage to defeat the Four Kings prior to placing the Lordvessel at Firelink Shrine will be greeted by the primordial serpent Darkstalker Kaathe, the dark counterpart to Kingseeker Frampt. Kaathe offers his own perspective on the Chosen Undead's destiny and acts as the leader of the Darkwraith covenant. Like Frampt, he will offer to transport the player to Firelink Shrine if they possess the Lordvessel.

    Unlike nearly all other bonfires in the game, teleporting from the bonfire in the Abyss does not require the Lordvessel.


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