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The classic game of button smashing and joystick torturing puts you through the series (ten by the number) of track and field events, ranging from long jump over hurdles to javelin throwing, which comprise the Decathlon.

The events are:

  1. 100-Meter Dash
  2. Long Jump
  3. Shot Put
  4. High Jump
  5. 400-Meter Race
  6. 110-Meter Hurdles
  7. Discus Throw
  8. Pole Vault
  9. Javelin Throw
  10. 1500-Meter Race

Points are awarded for each event with running events garnering the player more points for lower times, jumping events garnering more points for further or higher jumps (this includes the pole vault) and throwing events garnering more points for longer distances thrown. The points are tallied and shown at the end of each event with the final total being given at the end of the game.

Game Play

The Activision Decathlon is a one-player only side-to-side game.

This game uses a power meter for each event with power generated by quick side-to-side motion of the players joystick. The faster the side-to-side motion, the higher the power meter goes. Players must generate the highest amount of power possible for each event with some, such as running events, requiring power being generated as quickly as possible and then maintained until the finish of the race. Other events, such as jumping and throwing, require that the player generate the highest amount of power possible and then maintain that power while simultaneously pressing the joystick's button to achieve the furthest jumps and throws and the highest jumps and vaults. Maintaining the highest possible level of power while timing and pressing the button at the best possible moment can be quite challenging.


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