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The Adventures of Batman & Robin is a variety of different games. The SNES version is a traditional side-scrolling action game whereas the Genesis version is a two player game that plays like a shooter. But instead of using guns, Batman and Robin uses Batarangs and other projectiles to take out their foes. The Sega CD version consists of just Batmobile levels.

The SNES Version

The Adventures of Batman & Robin was originally titled "Batman: The Animated Series" after the show. But since the show got a name change, the game was delayed and then renamed to what it is called today and Robin was added as an NPC. Despite his appearance in the game, Robin is not a playable character. Each level is based off episodes of the series and shared dialogue and moments from them. Before each level Batman must choose from a variety of different weapons to take with him.

The SNES version had 8 levels:

Level 1: Amused to Death

The Joker and Harley Quinn broadcast a television message to Batman inviting him to meet them at The Joker's Funhouse.

Boss: The Joker

Based on the episode(s): Christmas with the Joker, Be A Clown

Level title card
Level title card

Level 2: No Green Peace

Bizarre things are occurring at the forest in Gotham City suburban district there's only one person who would do such a thing. In this level, Batman refuses to use his fists, Bat Stars and Bat Explosives since there are only female enemies.

Boss: Poison Ivy

Based on the episode(s): Pretty Poison, Eternal Youth

Level title card
Level title card

Level 3: Fowl Play

There has been a break-in at the Gotham City Museum and it's up to Batman & Robin to find the person responsible for this. Unfortunately, Robin is not a playable character in this level.

Boss: Penguin

Based on the episode(s): TBC

Level title card
Level title card

Level 4: Tale of the Cat

Batman is doing his nightly routine in the streets of Gotham City when he stumbles upon a familiar cat burglar lurking around.

Boss: Catwoman

Based on the episode(s): The Cat and The Claw part I

Level title card
Level title card

Level 5: Trouble in Transit

Two-Face has just robbed a bank and is making his escape. Make him pay!

Boss: Two-Face

Based on the episode(s): Two-Face part II

Level title card
Level title card

Level 6: Perchance to Scream

Boss: Scarecrow

Based on the episode(s): Nothing To Fear

Level title card
Level title card

Level 7: Riddle Me This

Boss: The Riddler

Based on the episode(s): If You're So Smart, Why Aren't You Rich?, What Is Reality?

Level title card
Level title card

Level 8: The Gauntlet

Bosses: The Joker






Based on the episode(s): Trial (loosely based)

Level title card
Level title card

The Genesis/ Mega Drive Version

The Sega Genesis version is a run 'n' gun game. Instead of using guns Batman and Robin use Batarangs. Levels are swarming with enemies and the player must "shoot" them to defeat them. If they get up close to the player then the heroes will either punch or kick them instead of throwing a Batarang. In some levels the player flies in a Batwing moving from the left to the right shooting down anything in their path. The plot features Mr. Freeze wanting to freeze Gotham . In the process he releases Joker, Two-Face, and Mad Hatter out of Arkham Asylum an attempt to distract Batman and Robin from his intentions. The Genesis version consists of four levels:

  • Happy Birthday to Me!
    1. Harley's Robot
    2. Harley Quinn
    3. Joker
  • A Two-Sided Story
    1. Two Face's Airship
    2. Large Ship
    3. Two-Face
  • Tea Time!
    1. Giant Cat
    2. Giant Doll
    3. Mad-Hatter
  • Snow in July?
    1. Mr. Freeze

The Sega CD Version

Pimp my ride!
Pimp my ride!

The Sega CD version is a 3D driving game with levels comprising only of driving the Batmobile and Batplane from point A to point B - shooting enemy vehicles along the way. The CD version is well known for having over 16 minutes of original animated footage created purely for the game with no involvement from Warner Bros. Animation. These cutscenes would later be known as 'The Lost Episode' from the animated series. All the principal voice actors from the series like Kevin Conroy, Mark Hamill, Loren Lester, Arleen Sorkin and John Glover reprise their roles. The only thing missing from the source material is the original score by Danny Elfman and Shirley Walker. The game instead used its own "synth rock" style music.


  • Poison Ivy
  • The Riddler
  • Harley Quinn
  • The Joker
  • Rupert Thorne
  • Clayface

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