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    The Adventures of Darwin

    Game » consists of 2 releases. Released Apr 27, 2006

    The Adventures of Darwin is a Real-Time Strategy Puzzle game in the mold of Pikmin or Lemmings, created by Vingt-et-un Systems for the PS2.

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    Originally part of the Simple 2000 series of budget PlayStation 2 titles in Japan (known as Simple 2000 Series Vol. 99: The Genshijin). The Adventures of Darwin follows a young neanderthal called Darwin as he leads his people through various stages of evolution, procuring new inventions, food and building material for his village.


    Each of the five worlds are filled with environment puzzles for Darwin and his group of hunters to solve in order to reach three goals: increase the size of the group by finding hard-to-reach yellow stars, become large enough to push large path-blocking stones out of the way (each will indicate how many followers are needed) and fight a boss to claim the treasure it is guarding. This treasure, often an invention said to have shaped human evolution, such as fire and rope, will then evolve Darwin and his people to a stage closer to Homo sapiens. These treasures can then be used to expand the abilities and exploration options for the group.

    As well as navigating these worlds, the player is expected to develop Darwin's village by finding materials in the field and carrying them back to various caves dotted around the levels. Any materials sent back this way can be used to build new structures, create health restoratives and increase the village population. New weapon types can also be developed and bought which will increase the attack power of Darwin and his group.


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