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    The Agent

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    Agents are genetically-enhanced superhumans issued to bring justice on the streets, they possess unparalleled abilities in combat, speed and strength.

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    Agents are the main playable protagonists of the Crackdown series. They are a group of superhumans designed by the Agency using the previous work of disgraced scientist Dr. Baltazar Czernenko. Agents were originally designed to fight against crime.


    After the Agency was pushed back by the enemy gangs in Crackdown, they started to realize drastic measures had to be taken to regain the upper hand in Pacific City. Dr. Baltazar Czernenko was in charge of the creation of The Agents. After he conceived the first Agent, the cloning process made sure there would never be a shortage of Agents. Dr. Baltazar Czernenko left the Agency, and started working for the Shai-Gen Corporation. Because he left the Agency, he had to start over. These failed attempts resulted in the creation of Freaks.


    Crackdown 2

    Crackdown 2 has only a total of four Agent skins.

    Crackdown 3

    Agents return in the latest instalment to the Crackdown series. Crackdown 3 introduces playable female Agents to the franchise.

    As a result of global blackouts effecting the world, the Agency deploys a group of Agents led by Commander Jaxon to infiltrate TerraNova on the city of New Providence.



    • Originally, Crackdown was supposed to have female Agents that the player could choose to play as. This was later cut out from the game before release.

    Crackdown 3

    • In pre-release footage of the game leading up to 2017, Crackdown 3's default Agent was Marshall (originally called Jones). He would later be replaced by Commander Jaxon, portrayed by Terry Crews.
      • Despite this, Marshall still appears as a playable Agent skin in Crackdown 3.

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