The Alchemist Code

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    A free-to-play, tactical RPG where players must gather and customize characters to conquer different challenges on various maps. Also contains anime-style story cutscenes and voice acting to flesh out the setting.

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    Chapter 1

    Logi and Dias, two newly-minted Knights of the Blue Flame from Envylia, are tasked with crushing the last remnants of the evil Wratharis army. However, their two paths sharply diverge: Logi, encouraged by his father Zeke and sister Agatha, attempts to make peace with Wratharis and end the cycle of hatred. Dias, encouraged by the scheming advisor Gabirond, seeks to obtain ultimate power and use his hatred to destroy Wratharis for good.

    Logi and Dias eventually come to blows, fighting each other while the King and several Blue Flame Knights lie dead. Agatha attempts to stop the fighting, but is caught between Logi and Dias' blades.

    Chapter 2

    Edgar Leonhart is a drifter from Slothstein who only believes in three things: His alchemic-powered bike, his non-lethal pistol, and respecting all women he comes across. After saving Fiona (and Al, her pet Alkaroid) from a hostage situation in Slothstein, Edgar soon finds himself dragged into a bigger conspiracy than he expected involving the capital's clock tower, a Philosopher's Stone called Balphegor, and the evil Alvarez who leads an army of combat Alkaroids for his nefarious purposes.

    Chapter 3

    The land of Lustburg, a country filled with witches, is cursed by a spell that blankets the country in a permanent Winter and turns every man into an insect after they make love. Lisbeth attends the prestigious Lustburg Academy of Magic with her best friends, Alma and Rebecca, as they try to uncover the secret of the Philosopher's Stone behind this calamity, as well as her own identity.


    The player chooses up to six units they currently own to deploy on the battlefield, four active units and two reservists who will be subbed in if any active party members are killed. The player may add a "Mercenary" character from another user for a small amount of gold and have a fifth active party member. The player must combine their characters' strengths and weaknesses to beat the map and progress through the game.

    Elemental Affinities

    All units in the game fall within one of six elemental affinities:

    • Wind
    • Lightning
    • Water
    • Fire
    • Light
    • Dark

    Most standard battles will be resolved depending on elemental advantage between the attacker and the target(s):

    This stronger than

    Light and Dark affiliated units are weak to each-other's attacks, but are neutral against all other elements.

    Some units that use magic attacks, like Magic Swordsman or Sage, can offset their weak affinity by attacking with an element their target is weak against. For example, a Water Sage can cast a Wind spell against a Lightning-based opponent, turning its weakness into a strength.


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