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The Amazing Spider-Man is a Passable (if All Too Familiar) Game 0

Spider-Man, as his 60s cartoon theme song is often wont to tell us, is able to do whatever a spider can. However, this particular Spider-Man is also able to do whatever a Batman, a green-haired danger-seeking photojournalist, an electricity-infused hero (not Electro) and various others can as well. The lack of confidence in trying anything too new with the Amazing Spider-Man, Beenox and Activision's latest movie license game based on the current Mark Webb/Andrew Garfield reboot that's either a t...

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Riptide 15 0

The Amazing Spider-Man attempts to be one of the recent inclusions into the tie-in genre and truly tries to break away from the dreaded curse. Does it suc... Very bright and colorful great graphics. Could have some of the classical villain from the comic book in the eighty's...

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A Good, but overall fruitless attempt. 0

When referring to the massive list of constant comic book tie-in films, the results are less than satisfying. These games usually suffer from following the script of the film too much and lacking the ability to deviate from the source material. Although, once in a blue moon, you do get the odd addition of an enjoyable, if sometimes good title. The Amazing Spider-Man attempts to be one of the recent inclusions into the tie-in genre and truly tries to break away from the dreaded curse. Does it suc...

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'Amazing' by name, merely 'Good' by nature 1

Beenox have had a rough time with Spider-Man games recently - Shattered Dimensions faltered critically, and its follow up, Edge of Time, didn't do much better. However, with The Amazing Spider-Man, there comes a feeling that those games were merely test subjects, a dry run for a 'real' Spider-Man game. Developed alongside those two titles over the past 2 years, The Amazing Spider-Man represents a new direction for Beenox's Spider-Man games, more in line with the publically adored Spider-Man movi...

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The Pretty-Okay Spider-Man 1

Another year, another Spider-Man game.Though this is the first since 2007's Spider-Man 3 to be tied a movie.And the first since 2008's Web of Shadows to be open-world.And whilst I enjoyed Shattered Dimensions (Gave Web of Time a pass) I'm glad to return to this format.Spider-Man games shine when they provide large, open environments in which to swing about in.And swinging about Manhattan is probably the most fun thing to do in this game.Which makes it a little weird that the open-world serves as...

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New Direction Success 0

Having played most all of Beenox's Spider-Man games I found this one to be a great addition. As a semi-movie-tie-in the story is compelling by piggybacking on what a surprisingly enjoyable albeit a bit to soon reboot. The combat goes Batman and the web swinging goes theatrical. I think the diversity of the efforts of the past four Spider-Man games, (some open world, others with a refreshing throwback to linear levels) lead them in the direction to create this hybrid and be successful doing so. D...

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Simple and derivative, yet web slinging remains a constant joy 0

Nine months after the release of Spider-Man: The Edge of Time and Beenox has already developed the latest in a long line of Activision published Spider-Man games. This quick turnaround and the justified animosity surrounding movie tie-ins leavesThe Amazing Spider-Man little hope of avoiding apprehension and a glut of disdain for what should be another forgettable entry in the superhero franchise. So it comes as a genuine surprise that the overworked Beenox should be commended for their effort he...

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Wouldn't Call it Amazing, Personally 0

The first Spider-Man title based on a movie since the lamentable Spider-Man 3 (*shudder*) and it's developed by Beenox, who hasn't exactly been knocking their Spider-Man games out of the park thus far. Shattered Dimensions was a good idea with meh execution and Edge of Time was openly terrible. So, with more than a little trepidation, I faced Amazing Spider-Man.And I was not disappointed.I'm not about to claim it is a mind-blowing affair. It is a perfectly serviceable, open-world title --- moder...

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I liked it. 0

The whole time I was playing this I was convinced I would feel like writing about it afterwords. I did write some things in my head. Now that I am here I kind of don't have anything to say. Let me just list some things see if it sparks something.First things first. I really like Spiderman. So now you know I'm biased but lets get into it.What I didn't like- Manhattan is boring. At least in this game it is. It looks boring and it feels boring.- Everything looks feels old. The UI looks dated, the ...

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A return to Free-roaming but not as Amazing as it could be 0

The Amazing Spider-Man game brings back the always-fun free-roaming gameplay from past Spider-Man games, and frees itself from the movie in terms of its storyline by taking place after the movie is done. The game is pretty easy to play, both in terms of controls and difficulty – so long as you’re using gained experience to upgrade Spider-Man’s abilities. It has everything going for it, but there we’re still elements of the game which hold it back from being truly amazing and surpassing the Spide...

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My The Amazing Spider-Man Game Review 0

Everyone’s favorite webslinger is back in video game form and he has brought his open world hometown with him. That being something the last couple outing in Spider-Man games have let fall to the waist side. Having an open world back makes you realize just how much you miss the simple pleasure of just swinging around and site seeing. The Amazing Spider-Man also borrows some combat and gameplay material from the Batman Arkham series that really helps it, although it is a tiny bit subpar.The main...

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While not the best Spidey game, it's fun nonetheless. 0

There’s no doubt that if you have an interest in this game, you’ve probably already seen The Amazing Spider-Man film. You might have enjoyed it or you might have hated it and preferred Sam Raimi’s vision of the web shooting hero. Either way, what really matters with this movie license video game adaption is if it’s any good. We all know most license games based on their respective films usually end up mediocre or terrible. There’s a few exceptions, but those can most likely be counted on your fi...

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I guess "The Mediocre Spider-man" isn't a catchy enough title 0

Amazing Spider-man is not exactly the game many of you may be hoping for. This is a return to an open world like many have been clammoring for over the years since Beenox took the reigns on Spider-man titles. But the open world is not much of a sandbox in this case.Web-swinging is Spider-man's calling card. And you really need that to be interesting if you want a Spider-man game to stand out. And unfortunately, ASM just doesn't get it. For that matter, it would be difficult to say if Beenox "get...

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