A recomendation to those that liked The Banner Saga

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If you liked the Banner Saga even just a little, then you really need to try the game it's largely motivated by, The King of Dragon Pass. It's also a viking tale, though it's a settlement instead of a caravan. You work your way through two different scenarios, either to be the high king of an alliance of tribes for 10 years, or to unite all the tribes together under your rule. Events are randomized and very engaging, and you can make educated decisions on how to handle them. You also have a party in the form of a village counsel, including the chieftain that is ostensibly 'you', all with their own talents that can be improved or degrade over time and all of whom will age and eventually die to be replaced with young blood.

There is no 'combat' per say. You raise up forces, balancing your village between warriors and farmers and craftsmen. Too many fighters and you won't harvest enough to feed everyone. Not enough craftsmen and you won't have the equipment for your warriors. Not enough fighters and other tribes will raid your fields. When you do get into a 'battle', you pit your warriors against theirs, make a few choices in the realm of tactics and magic, and then it's calculated for you, some some may find the lack of action to be a bit dull, but the rest of it all is like a huge choose your own adventure meets sid meyer meets steroids.

It's a long game, and it'll take some time to get the mechanics all sorted in your head. There is no shame in the beginners guide on the games wikia. It's on gog.com and I HIGHLY recomend it

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Also, you can joust with a triceratops. Not even joking.

It's also on iOS, apparently. I hear it's a fine version of the game.

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Beware of warrior ducks, though. Don't be a hero. No one sings songs of the dude that got killed by ducks. Seriously. I am not even kidding.

I haven't finished my round of that yet, I got it on the iPad a while back. I do think some of it's complexity was lost on me though and it felt like I was hitting "next turn" over and over seeing numbers change without real impact. And eventually those stories that comes out of it loop in on itself a little bit. Granted, it's never not fun wiping out an entire tribe for coming to your court and basically saying you're nobody.

But seriously, ducks. Don't.

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Those ducks are no joke. I always tried to stay in their good graces and offered them full citizenship, much to the chagrin of the other tribes.

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I'm gonna pick this up on GoG soon enough, thanks for the recommendation duder.

Have you tried Hoplite? Check it out on the Apple store. Really amazing, simple, turn-based strategy. Rogueish.

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I don't have an iOS device, sadly, nor an android. I'm the last sad-sack on earth without any smart-device. Is there a PC version?

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Thanks man, found some videos of it on YouTube, and it looks pretty sweet.

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@aelric said:


I don't have an iOS device, sadly, nor an android. I'm the last sad-sack on earth without any smart-device. Is there a PC version?

I imagine there will be a PC release sometime in the future, I think this game will catch on big time. Edited after I read your comment more closely and saw you don't have an android phone/tablet/thing either. Sorry broseph!

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DAMMIT I accidentally clicked the deleted button because I wanted to edit my post :<. Anyway I just wanted to chime in and say that I bought King of Dragon Pass like a year ago on GoG and it's the game that Banner Saga reminded me most of. Both great games :>.

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Awesome!!! Now I can get my fix on iOS. :) Thank you, duders!

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@ectoplasma: I second King of Dragon Pass, one of the most fun games I've had the pleasure to play.

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