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The Bannered Mare is one of Whiterun's most popular places to meet. The tavern and the inn offer mead and food. Its sign is that of a majestic horse carrying a banner.


HuldaThe innkeeper. Sells food and drinks. Asking her about rumors can lead to miscellaneous objectives.Food DrinkMisc.
MikaelHe often sings for the crowds at the inn. Educated at the Bard College in Solitude.Misc.
SaadiaTends to the kitchen, sweeps floors, and sells food and drink.Food DrinkSide.
Uthgerd the UnbrokenA female Nord warrior. She likes to challenge patrons in brawls for 100 septims. She can be recruited as a follower.AvailableAvailable
SinmirHe sits around all day at the inn, often complaining of the lack of security around town.

Mallus Maccius

Hangs around at the Bannered Mane sometimes. He works Honningbrew Meadry outside town.

Crafting stations

  • Cooking pot


  • Once the Dragonborn is level 20 or higher he can speak with the inn-keeper Hulda about rumors until she mentions Jarl Balgruuf the Greater's son Nelkir, this will start the daedric quest "The Whispering Door".

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