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    The Basement Collection

    Game » consists of 1 releases. Released Aug 31, 2012

    A compilation of nine games by Edmund McMillen alongside bonus content relating to the games, McMillen, and indie game development.

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    Main menu
    Main menu

    All of the games have been updated with bonus chapters, new music and additional content. The pack also includes a full soundtrack with over 30 tracks, 15 pages of character design documents and development sketches, 30 minutes of audio interviews and 15 minutes of excluded footage from Indie Game: The Movie.

    The Basement Collection includes nine games:

    • Aether (an exploration adventure game)
    • Time Fcuk (a dark puzzle game)
    • Spewer (a physics based platformer)
    • Meat Boy (the Super Meat Boy prototype)
    • Grey Matter (an anti shooter)
    • Coil (an experimental game)
    • Triachnid (a physics based spider sim)
    • A.V.G.M. (Bonus game #1)
    • Bonus game #2

    Game Breakdowns


    • Release Date: September 9th, 2008
    • Development Time: 14 Days
    • Developers: Edmund McMillen (Design + Art), Tyler Glaiel (Programming + Design), Tyler Glaiel + Danny Baranowsky (Soundtrack)

    Aether is about a young boy that experiences his coming-of-age by leaving home and flying to different planets with his pet. On each of these planets -- of which there are five -- the boy will run into people who are disparaged by life; the boy must then solve a puzzle on each of the planets in order to make them happy again, although he finds out that solving everyone's problems doesn't make them happy, and he returns home with a new take on life.

    Bonus Content:

    • Development Sketches
    • Character Sketches
    • Technology Demo
    • Audio Prototype
    • Indie Game: The Movie - Aether Segment
    • Aether Q&A
    • Aether Galaxy Map

    Time Fcuk

    • Release Date: September 19th, 2009
    • Development Time: 3 Months
    • Developers: Edmund McMillen (Design + Art), William Good (Programming + Design), Justin Karpel (Soundtrack)

    Time Fcuk is a puzzler that has players manipulating two (or sometimes more) planes of existence that they can then flip between to solve puzzles and reach an exit for each level. Alongside the existence-flipping mechanic, there are also crates and static boxes that can be brought from different planes to solve puzzles, along with portals to move around the map.

    Bonus Content:

    • Development Sketches
    • Character Sketches
    • Prototype
    • Speech Prototype
    • Trailer
    • Time Fcuk Q&A


    • Release Date: May 4th, 2009
    • Development Time: 3 Months
    • Developers: Edmund McMillen (Design + Art), Eli Piilonen (Programming + Design), Danny Baranowsky (Soundtrack)

    Spewer is a platformer that relies more on the mechanics rather than the levels to keep it interesting. In Spewer, you control a small worm that can "spew" a limited about of vomit that can either be used as added propulsion for jumping higher and longer, or it can be used as a thicker medium for the worm to go travel in where he has control over every direction. Using the vomit -- which can be eaten back up and used again in the same level -- and some basic platforming, the player must get to the door on each level to move forward and progress through the 40-or-so levels to beat the game.

    Bonus Content:

    • Development Sketches
    • Character Sketches
    • Prototype
    • Spewer Puke Test

    Grey Matter

    • Release Date: October 30th, 2008
    • Development Time: 3 Months
    • Developers: Edmund McMillen (Design + Art), Tommy Refenes (Programming + Design), Danny Baranowsky (Soundtrack)

    Grey Matter is a reverse dual-stick shooter. The game occurs on a flat plane where enemies will spawn into the field that will then fire at the player. The player doesn't actually have any weapons, and must therefore ram the enemies without being shot to kill them. When you kill an enemy, a line is then drawn from that enemies death spot to the spot of your next kill, which in turn draws a line from that kill to your third kill, and it draws a triangle which at the moment of the third kill, kills anything that is encased in the triangle.

    Bonus Content:

    • Development Sketches
    • Photo Album
    • Locked
    • Grey Matter Q&A

    Meat Boy

    • Release Date: October 6th, 2008
    • Development Time: 3 Months
    • Developers: Edmund McMillen (Design + Art), Jon Mcentee (Programming + Design), Danny Baranowsky (Soundtrack)

    Meat Boy is the original flash game that was later transformed into Super Meat Boy. Meat Boy, like its successor, was a platformer that had the protagonist (Meat Boy) traversing many levels to rescue bandage girl from the nefarious Dr. Fetus.

    Bonus Content:

    • Locked
    • Meat Boy Q&A


    • Release Date: February 2nd, 2008
    • Development Time: 6 Months
    • Developers: Edmund McMillen (Design + Art), Florian Himsl (Programming + Design), John Erik Kaada (Soundtrack)

    Coil is an experimental story game. When the game starts off, there is a screen of text that relays the first bit of story in the game. To pass the screen, the player must swirl the mouse in the direction of the arrows that spin on the screen. When the screen is dismissed, a game scene will show up, and the player is expected to complete some minor task, such as moving across the screen or eating all of the pellets. The player is given no guidance or directions and is instead tasked with figuring out what is expected of them before they can complete it. After the task is completed, another story screen appears and this cycle is repeated about ten times until you beat the game.

    Bonus Content:

    • Development Sketches
    • Character Sketches
    • Indie Game: The Movie - Coil Deleted Scene
    • Coil Q&A


    • Release Date: November 2nd, 2006
    • Development Time: 4 Months
    • Developers: Edmund McMillen (Design + Art), Florian Himsl (Programming + Design), Tin Hat Trio (Soundtrack)

    Triachnid is a game where there is a spider with three legs that are moved individually by the player in order to traverse the world.

    Bonus Content:

    • Indie Game: The Movie - Triachnid Deleted Scene

    A.V.G.M. (Abusive Video Game Manipulations) (Unlockable Game #1)

    • Release Date: February 1st, 2009
    • Development Time: 24 Hours
    • Developers: Edmund McMillen (Design + Art), Tyler Glaiel (Programming + Design), Danny Baranowsky (Soundtrack)

    A.V.G.M. has players constantly flicking a light switch on and off to make random items appear in a room every few switches which they can then rearrange however they liked. The amount of switches required to get the next item to appear is the previous number multiplied by 2. The game is commentary about the repetitive nature of games such as FarmVille that aim to draw money out of players by forcing them to do arduous tasks to gain coins/items and then offer them an option to pay rather than do the work, knowing that society would rather pay its way to luxury rather than work for it.

    Bonus Content:

    • Indie Game: The Movie - A.V.G.M. Deleted Scene
    • Locked by DLC Barrier

    Other Content

    Alongside the games and extras included with them, there is a handful of other content that can be unlocked within the game. This content includes:

    • The Box: A collection of Edmund's drawings from his childhood that his grandmother kept, along with photos of young Edmund.
    • The Chest: A collection of art from contemporary Edmund that is based on the games he has created. Also included are four extra flash games: Weltling, Clubby the Seal, Dumpling, and Weltling 2. These are Edmund's earliest flash games.
    • The Soundtrack: "Music to make love to."
    • "Thicker Than Water" - A Comic by Edmund in 2000. Unlocked by beating Spewer.
    • "The Lonely Hermit" - A comic created by Edmund in 2000. Unlocked by beating Triachnid.

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