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The Baz is a playable character in Divekick, he is the most electrifying man in all of Divekick entertainment. He has a mission given to him by a mob boss to track down Mr. N for the money Mr. N owes him. It is believed The Baz is a god or close to one as of his frequent mentioning of it and fan speculation.

  • Health: 1210
  • Power: 1.21 Gigawatts
  • Hometown: On top of a mountain, under a blood red moon
  • Blood Type: Type A
  • Likes: Rope whips, Leather straps, Spiked apparel, Employment, Being relevant, ???
  • Dislikes: Meteorologists, Rejection, Abandonment, ???

Divekick: Addition Edition changes

[ + ] The Baz has essentially been removed from the game and replaced by New Baz. Think of him as a brand new character. Below, you'll read about how The Baz transformed into New Baz.

[ = ] Mighty Swing and Bazkousen have been swapped. Mighty Swing is now his normal kick button action and builds meter. Bazkousen is now his air special and costs meter.

[ = ] The Baz can only use two Mighty Swings per jump.

[ = ] Bazkousen (air special) now starts at a 40 degree angle, rotates 15% faster, and maxes out at a 105 degree angle.

[ = ] Baz's Kickfactor is no longer invincible.

[ = ] Kickfactor lasts full 8-second duration and has speed bonus of 30%.

[ = ] The Baz jumps higher. He also jumps farther and higher when using kickback (jump away).


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