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Countless available kiosks for vendors.
Countless available kiosks for vendors.

The Bazaar was built by the citizens of Shadow Haven in an attempt to cater to the needs of the influx of adventurers coming to the moon of Luclin. The bazaar consists primarily of one massive hall with six long rows of canopied stalls which can be utilized by anyone to set up shop to buy and sell goods of all kinds. It is conveniently connected to both The Nexus and Shadow Haven, and there are several bankers near the each entrance allowing quick access to funds to purchase new wares. An enchantment has been placed on the bazaar that negates any form of encumberance, allowing even a gnome magician to carry millions of platinum from the bank to a seller. In the center of the bazaar is a building full of vendors employed by the city of Shadow Haven to sell general goods, making this a one stop shop for any need. Along the west wall is a stable where the city sells horses of varying quality. Scattered throughout the stalls are countless tradeskill kiosks including forges, kilns, pottery wheels, and more. At the far north end of the bazaar is a relatively small arena known as the Palaestra. Unlike the Arena of Antonica, the Palaestra is more about display and demonstration rather than fights to the death. It offers salesman a chance to show off their armors, weapons, and other various items in action to entice buyers. The Bazaar is easily the most trafficked area on the moon.

Neighboring Zones

Commerce & Tradeskills

The renovated Bazaar.
The renovated Bazaar.

The Bazaar is designed for adventurers to be able to buy, sell, and trade goods to each other, but there are also a handful of vendors selling spells, general supplies, and crafting materials. Being employed by the city of Shadow Haven, they do not have traditional store fronts with individual names, but just simple kiosks set up amongst the adventurers selling wares. Also scattered throughout the bazaar are an oven, a kiln, a brew barrel, two pottery wheels, a loom, and three forges for crafting.

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