Did this age well?

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It appeared on Metacritic's recent "Best and Worst Horror Videogames" list, and I saw it came out in '95 and featured a lot of FMV. Did it age well, or is it clunky today?

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I just got it off GOG.com. The FMV sections are pretty good I think, but the amount of pixel hunting is unbearable, and I often got stuck with absolutely no idea of what to do.
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FMV games haven't aged well because besides looking bad film doesn't directly translate to gaming: it was part of the CD fad and it died out with good reason. For instance, in GK2 you frequently have to watch the actors do pointless animations over and over just because they're showing off that it's the kind of thing that could be done with the new technology.  The performances and direction aren't up to par, so your 'reward' for playing the game is the equivalent of a TV movie. On the other hand, Beast Within is probably the best of the FMV games, and does feature some ok acting and a great premise. The atmosphere is still great, and if you enjoyed the first Gabriel Knight then play it. The first game is definitely better though.

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My mom played through it last year, but she probably isn't a good example for several reasons. 

I think it looks like another FREAKING 90s adventure game with incomprehensible FREAKING logic which only makes any FREAKING sense to person who designed the FREAKING game. 

So I'm going to say no, like most old adventure games. The logic is just too retarded. Don't get me started on my "The Longest Journey" rant...
EDIT: Now "Dreamfall The Longest Journey", there is a good adventure game. With a very confusing title considering that it is the sequel to "The Longest Jopurney"

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GK1 is by far and away the best of the series. After playing the sequels I feel they merely stole the characters of the first and put them through the wringer for the sake of some more sales.

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Thanks for all your responses, guys. I'll go find me GK1, by the looks of it.

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