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Beatles Rock Band Review

 Well if you can't guess from the title this a stand-alone Rock Band game featuring the one and only Beatles. Now because of some crazy legal stuff this game truly stands alone, not allowing any other Rock Band to interact with it. Now let's just say up front that if you're not a  Beatles fan, you're not going to enjoy this game nearly as much as someone who has grown up listening to them.

The graphics, I have to say were a great surprise. I wish you could create your own characters to throw into the mix, but as it stands you're going to be playing as one of the  Beatles. You'll also be playing through several of their famous settings, some in their  trippy dreams, others in reality.

The music is... the music of the Beatles. I wish there was more songs to this game, but with the collection you get to start with you're going to have a lot of "oh I remember that song" moments. The songs sound as good as ever, and don't seem to miss a beat.

The controls are going to be like every other Rock Band game. You're going to have the guitars/bass, drums, and vocals. Only this time the vocals can be harmonized. So for the first time you can have 2 singers going at the same time. This gives the game a unique feel, and it actually works out pretty well, if you and your friend can match up to the music.

The free play of this game is the way to do it. Yes there is a career mode, but you might have to go through sections of their music that never really meshed with you. Though if you do give it a chance you'll find that you can see how the music really changed with the band. Its a fun filled ride that allows you to belt out  Beatles songs and get scored on it.

If you like the Beatles, and you like Rock Band, you probably already have this in your collection. If you are a bit hesitant about picking this up, I have to say that you need to at least rent this and see what its all about. It isn't for everyone, but for those who it is for, you're going to love. This game gets an 8.6 out of 10.

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