Is the update going to come out for pc?

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I would hope so. After spending 200 hours S ranking this, I don't want to start over, having to unlock all the characters and items again. I would gladly pay for the update just like I payed for Wrath of the Lamb.

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It's not really an update. It's an entirely new game. It's a remake, sure, but it's still an entirely new game built on an entirely new engine by an entirely new developer. It'll probably come out on PC, but it'll be a separate release, not an update.

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Have they said anything at all about the new 16bit themed version actually coming to PC, like even in passing/speculation, though? I hope it does but that as far as I know they haven't said anything about it.

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According to Edmund McMillen's Formspring, yes, it is also coming to PC, but it sounds like it will be a completely separate release, and not just a patch.

Not that any of the major gaming news sites seem to be including that bit of information, leading to comments sections full of people angry at McMillen for "screwing the PC players".

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He's totally rewritten the game (the original was in Flash) so it wouldn't make sense to "patch" it.

When the basement collection came out, anybody who owned another game of his on steam got a discount, maybe he'll do something similar for the people who already own the original.

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@deano546: Yeah, at the end of this blog post he mentions putting in place some form of discount for people who have already bought the original version.

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