Just beat Satan on my first try!!

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Inspired by "The Binding of Patrick" i started playing vanilla BoI. After numerous failures I finally beat Mom's heart. I had a strange run with the shovel in which I bypassed Mom, and Mom's heart and died to a miniboss. Finally I had an awesome run with Kain thanks to some Arcades and slot machines and i had a TON of heats, 5 full healths, a one up, a teleporter and about 15 full hearts scattered in Mom's level along with some tears and damage up.

In the next level I fully assembled Meat Boy who was extremely helpful, had a scare against death and went on to beat Mom's heart on my first try (though i've watched Patrick beat her several times so, no fair). However, in Satan's level i got down to it because of some lucky minibosses but i got a lucky find on a secret room with a slot machine in it. Bombing through all the doors, i found the boss room and went for it. I beat his little guardians and then i used explosive diarrhea and the Unicorn to beat him fairly quickly.

Little did I know he had a second form and despite my well placed bombs i got stomped to death thankfully I had my one up (so technically i didn't beat him my first try but I kinda did).

My next try had no diarrhea and no unicorn. I stayed to the side taking pot shots and letting meat boy widdle him down until the next form. Then i started running in circles, avoiding the bomb seekers and placing bombs as i ran. I got down to 1 heart before the dude finally exploded. i am so pumped.

Thanks Patrick for getting me into this game!

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Congrats! Satan can be a bastard of a boss fight. I still think he's the coolest final boss in the game. The expansion adds some different final bosses, but I don't think they're as cool or grandiose as Satan.

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I saw the recent Binding of Patrick yesterday and I got excited for this game to come to PS4. Wasn't interested before but I'm glad I watched it. Also glad it'll be free for PS+ members when it comes out.

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I just can't get into the game. It's not that I don't like the style of them or hard games in particular. Just something runs me the wrong way and I just can't continue. I've tried numerous times to restart it but everytime I just play for a few mijutes and say eh I'm done. But nice work, I can't imagine that was easy.

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Satan has three forms. He starts off the same as The Fallen, then he becomes the bullet hell form, and then finally he goes off screen and only his hooves stomp down a la Mom's foot albeit much faster and frequently.

The second form is the hardest to deal with because of his tear and beam attacks but - pro tip - if you turn up the graphics settings the game grinds to a halt during this part of the fight making EVERYTHING piss easy to dodge.

When the hooves start coming down, just run clockwise around the edge of the room shooting backwards and hammering the bomb button (by that point you should have an enormous number of bombs). The explosive floating charging leech things that spawn are actually super useful in ending this part quickly, as they also damage Satan's hooves if they explode. Unless you have shitty speed (playing as Magdalene for example), the only thing you need to worry about is dodging the leeches.


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