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The Blocks Cometh is a platformer involving an infinite supply of falling blocks.  The player is tasked with climbing the tower formed by the randomly arranged blocks without being crushed to death.  The protagonist, Blockman, wears something resembling a haz-mat suit.  He has the ability to double jump in order to reach higher areas and can shoot to destroy any blocks impeding his progress.


Though the story is never explicitly revealed, the haz-mat suit, destroyed skyscrapers, and theme of eternally falling debris suggest that it takes place immediately after a nuclear detonation or some other apocalyptic event inside a major city.


The Blocks Cometh was originally developed by Halfbot as a free web game, but prior to its official release on iPhone, another game with the same title, same premise, and some identical art assets was already made available on the iTunes store by developer Edison Games.  After an appeal to Apple to remove the intellectual property theft, and an extensive grassroots campaign to raise awareness, the offending game was removed from the iTunes store, allowing Halfbot to release the legitimate iPhone version on February 17th, 2011.
Though several blogs participated in the campaign to raise awareness about the infringement of intellectual property, Halfbot cites Destructoid as one of the most influential, and as a show of thanks, the developer included mascot Mr. Destructoid in the iPhone version of the game.

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