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    The Blues Brothers

    Game » consists of 2 releases. Released September 1992

    Take control of either Jake or Elwood in this platformer.

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    The Blues Brothers is a 1991 game from Titus Interactive that features the titular brothers on the run from the law. Over the course of six levels the brothers must avoid the police while completing smaller tasks like unmasking a shark in a shopping mall. A two player co-op mode is also available.

    The game was released on various European and American home computers, and also received NES and Game Boy ports.

    The Super Nintendo version of The Blues Brothers is actually its sequel, Jukebox Adventure. The SNES version simply left off the subtitle as it was the first (and only) Blues Brothers game for the system. As such, there is no SNES version of this particular game.

    Critical Reception

    At release the NES version of the game was awarded scores of 6,6,5,5 from Electronic Gaming Monthly. They said, "...the video game does not cut it. Where is the music? Where are the personalities of the characters? What does this game have to do with the movie in any way? Beyond that though, The Blues Brothers is kind of fun. It's pretty simple, but the game play is there".


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