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"Oh-wee" or a happy trip back to childhood

"Oh-wee" it's the critter's way to express himself whenever he admires or enjoys something. It became my catch phrase for months. So, "oh-wee" to this game.

Colorful and well drawn, looks like the most beautiful kid's book. It's full of playful innocence, so if you need to escape in a make-believe world and leave all your worries behind for a couple of hours, it's the best choice.

It's nice that you can switch between characters and trade inventory. Also the extended parallel structure (you start a narrative with a protagonist, and cut to another one) offers variety and makes the experience more enjoyable. I loved Wilbur for his naive ambition to follow his dream and adored the critter for...well, for being a critter. If you don't like dreamer gnomes or you have critter phobia, you might like the gnome granpa inventor, the picky princess or Guybrush-ish adventurer Nate.

Some of puzzles may be debatable in terms of logic, but they blend beautifully in the story.

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