The Brainies

    Game » consists of 2 releases. Released 1991

    A mid-90s puzzle game involves odd little creatures called the Brainies. The player has to direct the Brainies around a number of grids, making sure each is standing on the right spot before times runs out.

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    The Brainies is a puzzle game with a simple goal: move each colored Brainy (Brainie?) to its correct marker in the time allotted. The player uses a cursor to move to a Brainy, pick them up, then move them to the right spot. The catch is that the Brainies block each other so puzzles sometimes require the player to move each Brainy many times in a level. A Brainy will also keep walking in one direction until they hit a wall or another Brainy. The goal is to use these limitations to direct each Brainy to their assigned markers before the time limit runs out.

    The game was released to many European home computers in 1991. It was later ported to the Super Nintendo in 1994 (1996 for the US version). Some of the European versions are known as Tiny Skweeks, alluding to the Skweek puzzle series.


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