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    The Brass Beast

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    A primary unlock for the Heavy available in the Australian Christmas update of Team Fortress 2.

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    Basic Info

    The Bass Beast is a community made weapon, primary weapon for the Heavy. The weapon does more damage per bullet vs. the Minigun, but suffers from a slower spin up time and much slower movement sporeed while deployed and revved up. The Brass Beast is best used for defensive stances more then offensive making the Heavy act me like a turret. When combined with the Buffalo Steak Sandwich and the Warrior Spirit the set gives The Heavy +5% critical hit damage resistance.

    Weapon Abilities

    • +20% damage done
    • -50% slower spin up time
    • -60% slower speed time while deployed (or revved up)
    • One of three parts to The Hibernating Bear Set (other two being Buffalo Steak Sandwich and The Warrior Spirit)

    *Note: Shoots 4 bullet per unit of ammo used (true of all Heavy Minigun's)

    Weapon Stats

    • Point Blank: 60-65 per 1 ammo
    • Medium: 6-36 per 1 ammo
    • Long: 5-12 per 1 ammo
    • Crit: 32.4 per bullet
    • Mini-Crit: 14.6 per bullet
    • Wind up Time: 1.31 seconds
    • Ammo: 200

    How to unlock


    x1 Reclaimed Metal + x1 Natascha


    x1 Class Token - Heavy + x1 Slot Token - Primary + x1 Scrap Metal = 1 in 3 chance of getting either Natascha, Brass Beast or Tomisalv

    Can also be purchased in the Mann Co. Store, Dropped or Unlocked in Crate #12 (No longer drops)

    Additional Info

    • Released: Australian Christmas
    • Tradable: Yes
    • Giftable: Yes
    • Craftable: Yes
    • Nameable: Yes
    • Use in Medieval Maps: No
    • Price in Mann Co. Store: $1.99 / £1.99 / 1.49€

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