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    The Brickster

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    The only criminal on LEGO Island, The Brickster is constantly escaping from jail.

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    The Brickster is a criminal trickster and the main antagonist of LEGO Island.

    Early Life

    When Infomaniac created LEGO Island, The Brickster was the first minifigure he created. When first seen, The Brickster sported a black-striped white prison shirt with the number 23768, black legs, a white right hand, a blue left hand, a grey beard, black goggles, and a black backwards cap.

    The two were best friends until Infomaniac started to make more minifigures. At this point, The Brickster became jealous and decided to make his own OGEL Island. He did so by stealing bricks from LEGO Island, but got arrested and ended up in jail. In jail, The Brickster devised a plan to deconstruct LEGO Island brick by brick.

    Escape from Prison

    This plan began with a call to The Brickolinis' pizzeria, from which The Brickster ordered a Hotsy Totsy Supreme pizza times two. After the pizza delivery boy, Pepper Roni (or any of the other playable characters), delivered it, The Brickster used the pizza to melt the gate lock and escape via helicopter. After this, The Brickster managed to steal the Power Brick from atop the LEGO Island Information Centre.

    Using the Power Brick, The Brickster began a deconstruction spree, driving an ambulance around the island and shooting the Brick's rays at various structures. During this rampage, several LEGO pieces fell out of the back of the ambulance, later identified as helicopter pieces by Officers Nick and Laura Brick. With these pieces, Pepper was able to rebuild the helicopter and use it to launch pizzas that would lure The Brickster to the officers. This tactic worked, returning The Brickster to police custody with the promise of more prison time.

    The Brickster's Revenge

    After his second imprisonment, The Brickster would once again plot vengeance in LEGO Island 2: The Brickster's Revenge. At the beginning of the game, The Brickster once again wore a prison uniform, only now featuring a buzzed beard and green goggles with a black beanie.

    The Brickster's new plan involved saving only the chilis from pizzas he ate until he had enough for his "dragon breath blow", which melted the lock once again. When he finally escaped, he once again commandeered a helicopter, this time using it to steal Constructopedia from Infomaniac. The Brickster then ripped the pages out of the Constructopedia, deconstructing all of LEGO Island.

    Next, he summoned the Brickster Bots and escapes to OGEL Island, located in outer space. After this, he returned to capture Mama and Papa Brickolini, who were compelled to serve him as his personal chefs. He then summoned more Brickster Bots — this time even stronger ones — and left LEGO Island. He was pursued by Pepper into outer space, but detached the landing gear, forcing the hero to jump out.

    Finally, Pepper confronted The Brickster atop his palace, eventually defeating him with white hot pizzas.

    Film Career

    The Brickster would later be inexplicably released from jail to become an actor in a new movie, starring alongside his nemesis Pepper. The Brickster soon reveals that he has not changed and is still up to no good, but Pepper manages to thwart his plans once again.


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