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    The Butcher

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    The Butcher is the first boss in Diablo, who resides in a small corpse-filled room and wields a large cleaver which he uses to maim and kill his victims. The Butcher utters his famous line, "Ah, fresh meat!" and attacks, wielding his namesake weapon: the Butcher's Cleaver.

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    Stats (as of latest patch)

    Resistance: Fire, Lightning

    Immunities: None

    Life: 110

    Damage: 2-20


    • In Borderlands, there's a weapon called the Hyperion Butcher (Unique) which has a description of "Ah...Fresh meat!". This is a random quote from The Butcher when you encounter him.
    • In WarCraft III, there's a monster known as a butcher who also yells, "Fresh meat!". Behind him is a chest containing Wirt's Other Leg, which is a parody of Wirt's Leg from Diablo.
    • In Fallout 2, there's a slaver's guild with a character named Metzger (German for "butcher"). When you enter the guild, you're greeted with the words, "Ah, fresh meat...".

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