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    The Charred Council

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    These three incredibly powerful entities, united as one, are the neutral power behind the Balance between the forces of Good and Evil.

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    Although the Council is made up of three entities, each with their own voice, none are ever referred to individually or given names; it is unclear whether the three heads even are three separate creatures, or manifestations of the same one. 
    The Charred Council are a neutral force who maintain the Balance, the eternal peace between the forces of Heaven and Hell, in order to prevent their endless war from destroying the universe. Their edicts are enforced by the mightiest warriors in the cosmos, the Four Horsemen, Death, Fury, Strife, and War, who ride forward to punish those who break the Council's laws, regardless of their alignment. The agreement of peace does have an expiry date, though, and when the Human race is deemed ready to take part in the End War, the Seven Seals will be broken, the Apocalypse will begin, and Good and Evil will finally come to blows.


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