Butcher bay add-on looks....rough on my PC

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I bought the Dark Athena when it was on sale. I played Butch bay when it came out of Xbox and loved it and that was mostly the reason i bought the package as a whole.

i know the game is old but it just looks bad to me? i'm running an i7 cpu at 1.73 gigs, have 4g's of ram and an Nvidia gt 285m

i started the game at native 1920 but the way my mouse movement related to what i saw on screen was just weird. i bumped it down to 1280 and it looks a little better, but lots of jaggies when it comes to lighting on edges and faces are blurry and that is with fps hiccups.
and yes i am trying to run this game at fullest settings, which for my system shouldn't be a problem and all my drivers are up to date.

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I playe dit ont he PC a couple months ago. It was better on the Xbox, both in terms of graphics and controls.

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Turn off v-sync and leave AA off. The game is really unoptimized for anti-aliasing. As long as that is off you can pretty much max everything out just fine.

If you don't like tearing, just try forcing v-sync through your graphics driver (or d3d overrider) and the game will be smoother, but your mouse movement might be messed up since the game really is a console port, so hooray mouse smoothing!

Also the game does kinda look like crap, but it is pretty fun once you get into it. Oh yeah and to deal with the messed up mouse controls I played it with a 360 controller and had much more fun with it.

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There is probably a tweak to turn off the mouse shit.

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