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Great Remake of an instant classic, and worthy sequel. 0

Riddick AoDA is a game that is sure to please even the most die hard fps fans. Like its predecessor, it contains all the elements of a great fps with added elements of RPG and 3rd person plat-forming and adventure. Graphically, it is not the technical masterpiece Escape from Butcher Bay was back in 2004, and there is plenty of nit-picking graphical glitches that you will notice including off lip-synching and textures popping out of character models and the constant load times that takes you comp...

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Heavy handed action 0

The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay had an atmospheric combination of action and stealth that managed to be entertaining, even if it was a bit short and straightforward. Five years later we get a remake/expansion pack, Assault on Dark Athena, and it seems that not a whole lot has changed for Riddick in that time. Dark Athena provides the same brand of heavy handed action that its predecessor did, and delivers it in a similarly brief package. The result is a mixed bag whose validit...

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The only parts of the Riddick universe you will want to explore 0

  Title: Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena Release: April 7, 2009 Genre: FPS (first-person shooter) Developer: Starbreeze Publisher: Atari Platform: PS3 Rating: M (Mature) Product Link: Website: Source Link: Back in 2004, the Riddick franchise blossomed from the cult classic film Pitch ...

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Solid game 0

They really did a good job with the graphical adjustments from the first one. You can enjoy the amazing environment. I like butcher bay more for the RP element they have. The second one has some pretty wicked kill sequences though. The ending for the sequel was very disappointing to :-/. The multiplayer is very fun to. Butcher Bay Riot is my favorite one. It has the conterstrike feel but is Not boring XD. All in all it is a pretty good game and a damn good deal....

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Worth a look 0

Assault on Dark Athena is a pretty good package, giving you the original Escape from Butcher Bay, as well as a new (relatively short) campaign. What I would say is that if you're a hardcore shooter fan, I'd give it a whirl, as they've got some pretty cleverly designed gameplay sequences that you simply will not find in other popular shooters like CoD or Halo.  Aside from just a few interesting gameplay sequences, things are also kept fresh throughout the campaign with various platforming sequenc...

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One of the Best Games on 360 2

Riddick is back!!!! The improvements on Butcher Bay is very good and the dialogue is very good. this game has a kind of RPG element to it. Dark Athena is an excellent game to bundle with. The action and stealth in the 2 games are very good and some parts can be challenging. I definitely recommend this game to 360 owners(even people who have never heard of riddick)....

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Fighting's fun, the rest? Ehh... 0

Escape from Butcher Bay was a hell of a game-changer back in 2004. What with it's awesome fist-fights and Vin-Diesel groveling, there were barely any faults that it had. Not only was it a damn fine game, but it helped to fight back that all movie-based games are bad. Apparently, it's amazing what difference five years can make, because Assault on Dark Athena is just not very good.        Vin Diesel, Xzibit and Marcus Fenix himself (Joe Dimagio) come back to their roles in both games. While the v...

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Review: The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena 0

    The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay was a part of that rare breed of movie games that didn't suck. Developer Starbreeze Studios created a first person experience that delivered a fully realized environment and immersive stealth gameplay that was true to the Riddick character while not becoming a slave to the movie's license.Yet since the game came out in 2004, a year before the Xbox 360, and carrying the negative connotation of being a movie game, it never really caught on fi...

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You can stab people in the best ways in this game. 2

I jammed a shiv into a dude’s eye, wiggled it around to really, really dig it in there, and then pulled it back out before he was finally given solace, because man, I wanted him to feel all of that. The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena has that. Brutality seems to be a common theme with Starbreeze’s body of work, and they spare no details to the imagination with their kinda-maybe-sequel to Escape from . Two parts excellence and a third relegated to the ire of my fists, Assault on D...

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Dark Athena Will Please Fans Of The Films, But Not Many Else. 0

In a post Modern Warfare world of First Person Shooters, it is becoming incredibly hard for up and coming franchises to hold their own against the heavy weights.   The latest offering from the Riddick fiction, Assault on Dark Athena, proves to be just another victim in a long list of coming close, but not quite close enough.   Even with a strong presentation, and added incentives, this title fails to attract anything more then fans of the series.   All that being said however, this game does a ...

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Assault on Dark Athena 0

Assault on Dark Athena is a decent game. It's not a great game, it's certainly not its predecessor, but it's a decnet game.My favorite aspect of the game is the Pitch Black mulitplayer mode. You essentially need to kill guards, who are generally pretty weak, with your blades. After you kill Riddick as a guard, you respawn as riddick, which adds a bit of spice. The Butcher Bay Riot mode is a strait up rip off of Counter-Strike and it's not nearly as fun to play. ...

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Five Stars for Butcher Bay, Four for Dark Athena [spoiler on 2nd half of Dark Athena] 0

Escape from Butcher Bay is one of my favorite games, especially so for the prison elements, atmosphere and combat. There are annoying bits, true (The Pit and the Mines come to mind), but it's a fantastic game.Dark Athena is a great sequel, but could never really live up to Butcher Bay, in my opinion. I really enjoyed the first part of the game, where you're on the spaceship proper. You have a central hub area of sorts, from which you go to different parts of the ship with the goal of getting off...

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Keeping up with the Diesels 0

Vin Diesel is in the midst of the safest comeback attempt I’ve seen in a long time, in that it appears that he’s revisiting every property he’s ever seen any success in. First he reprised his role in the latest Fast and the Furious movie, alongside most of the original cast in a movie that was all too identical to all movies Fast and Furious before it. And now we revisit the Riddick character in his only multimedia release that ever garnered any form of acclaim; the video game The Chronicles of ...

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A.I. not perfect, but fun to mess around with. 0

This is going to be brief, mostly because I'm lazy. First things first, if you played Riddick on Xbox1 and enjoyed it and the related universe, go buy this game now. I can personally guarantee that you won't regret it. Plus you can get it for 39.99 at, I think. The original EFBB campaign is almost flawlessly identical, other than some A.I. hiccups that happen in the dark, this is the same game. The only reason I make this statement is the fact I thought they might interpret or alter i...

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Awesome fun for countless hours! 0

The game offers a combination of stealth and action mixed together. Not much to offer in Dark Athena in the form of sidequests but this does not takeaway from the fun, exciting aspect of the game itself. The dialogue is tacky and Riddick's one liners are rather corny but it just adds to the general fun of the experience. The remake of the original Butcher Bay game looks stunning and is a complete remastering of the original xbox masterpiece. The game tells a prologue tall to the cheesey film and...

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In space Riddick will make you scream. 0

Another Riddick game, another chance to slice and dice as Vin Diesel himself. Seeing as there are many Butcher Bay reviews out there I'll jump right to the main attraction here which is the sequel(or more like expansion), Assault on Dark Athena.Dark Athena starts off where Butcher Bay ends. You and Johns are floating around space after your escape but run into some trouble when the rouge merc ship 'Dark Athena' harpoons you and drags you into to its docking bay. The captain of the ship knows abo...

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