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The best elements of FPS gaming on a movie title.

I'm late to the party. I'll admit, I was lured in to 'Escape from Butcher Bay' only by the announcement of the upcoming 'Dark Athena' sequel.

Going into the game, my expectations were low. Usually, this ends up being good as it's easy to appreciate the game for what it is.

However, this game rose far beyond.

Voice acting, atmosphere, story, graphics, gameplay... it's all there.

So few games really capture the essence of something and give it a true identity. This game creates a world where you truly are experiencing escapism. It's a must buy. A few points..


  • Intriguing stealthy combat that is effective and fun, but not even required. You can choose how you play.
  • The game ignores some bad FPS cliches and simply stays true to what it wants to do on its own. It will feel like a fresh experience even if you've played FPS games before.
  • Immersive atmosphere with great voice acting, great dialogue, and a deep world to explore.
  • Just plain fun.


  • Not as long as I would have liked.
  • Not as much variety with weapons as we are getting used to. This isn't a horrible thing, but it's fun to have more options.
  • Ammo is in such rich supply, it's hard to feel like you're really trying that hard for the sake of conservation.


  • A LOT of foul language. If you have kids, don't play in front of them. It's NOT for them.
  • If you haven't seen Riddick movies, you'll have some questions about what's around you. Granted this is set before the film Pitch Black, you'll still want to find a good wiki to figure some stuff out.

I don't know what else to say other than the fact that it's a must play. Even for those of us who don't play as many FPS games... it crosses over enough to make it great. This is an underplayed classic, for sure.

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