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Meeting at the Underforge
Meeting at the Underforge

The senior members of The Companions are those that make up the members of the Circle. The members of the Circle can be found in the Wind District at the mead-hall Jorrvaskr in the city of Whiterun. Although the Dragonborn and no others have the knowledge about the Circle’s existence as this is a well kept secret in the ranks of The Companions. An even better kept secret is that all the members of the Circle consist of werewolves. The circle it self was created as a group of close advisors to the Harbringer of The Companions. They where also chosen to be a inspiration to the younger members.

Great Harbingers of the Companions
Author: Swyk the Long-Sighted
Kyrnil Long-Nose: After the dark periods in the late second era, when a string of false and dishonorable Harbingers laid claim to Jorrvaskr, it was Kyrnil Long-Nose who gathered the true hearts of the Companions in the wilds and stormed Jorrvaskr itself, killing the usurpers and returning honor through blood, in the old ways. He began the tradition of trusted advisors called the Circle (after our great lord Ysgramor's council of captains) who would serve as examples to the younger, newer Companions.

The Underforge


The members of the Circle have their secret meeting place at a place that are called The Underforge which is located under the famous and ancient Skyforge which lies in the Wind District of the city of Whiterun. The Underforge will not be available to the Dragonborn until he becomes a member of the Circle. The place itself is a more like a cave than a typical man-made building. In the center of the Underforge is a bowl that are used under the ritual to become a part of the Circle, it will then be filled by a members blood and the new initiate must consume some of the blood, if the new member does this he/she will contract Lycanthropy.


Werewolf Skyrim Style
Werewolf Skyrim Style

However, if the Dragonborn make the choice to be a part of the Circle, there is the price that he must contract Lycanthropy from the other members. This will have the effect that the Dragonborn also becomes a werewolf (Although this is not permanently the Dragonborn can be cured in the end of the Companion quest line). Lycanthropy can only be contracted as part of the blood ritual as it occurs at the Circles initiation rites in the Underforge. Some see Lycanthropy as a blessing, a way to come closer to their own inner beast.

Others see this as a curse as the current Harbringer of The Companions and a member of the Circle, Kodlak Whitemane really suffers from the disease. Kodlak Whitemane strives to cure him self and the other members as him self states that the beastblood was meant to be temporary not permanently. As a solution, the Circle have made it voluntarily to take part of the blood ritual and therefore not creating new werewolves. Nevertheless, most members see as a blessing to Kodlak Whitemane’s dismay. Himself fears that he will not be able to enter Sovngarde (the Nords version of heaven) as long he is smitten by the beastblood.

Kodlak's Journal
Author: Kodlak Whitemane
In my dream, I see the line of Harbingers start with Ysgramor. Each of them ascends to Sovngarde, until we come to Terrfyg, who first turned us to the ways of the beast. He tries to enter Sovngarde, but before he can even approach Tsun, he is set upon by a great wolf, who pulls him into the Hunting Grounds, where Hircine laughs with welcoming arms.

The Dragonborn’s first transformation into a werewolf is ferociously violent, causing the Dragonborn to run amok in the streets of Whiterun and creating panic. Soon it will create a black out and from there on it will be able to control the inner beast more easily.

Beast Form

Blessing or curse ?
Blessing or curse ?

After the Dragonborn becomes a werewolf, there will be new powers available to use that are known as Beast Form. This makes it possible to transform into a werewolf once per day. After being transformed into a werewolf the Dragonborn, remain as a werewolf for 2.5 minutes of real time. There is a way to extend this time by approaching a corpse and activating it, this will make the Dragonborn to feed on it. This restores 50 points of Health, and gives the Dragonborn another 30 seconds of time as a werewolf.

Advantages of Beast Form

  • Maximum health increases by 100 points, but does not regenerate.
  • Maximum stamina also increases by 100.
  • Faster sprint speed, which allows the Dragonborn to run faster than horse.
  • Wolves will treat you as an ally.
  • No crimes committed as a werewolf are accounted to the Dragonborn.

Disadvantages of Beast Form

  • Cannot loot any corpses that are slayed.
  • Cannot pick up or use any items. This includes keys, so you can get stuck
  • Cannot equip or use any weapons, spells, items, equipment, Shouts, or Powers. Even to open the Inventory Menu are not possible.
  • Can be too big to pass narrow passages.
  • Cannot speak to anybody.
  • Citizens of Skyrim will flee in panic if they see the werewolf, the braver ones will attack.
  • If anyone sees the Dragonborn transform to or from a beast, the transformation is considered a major Crime.


As the Dragonborn gets the ability to transform into a werewolf, the Dragonborn gain an impressive array of combat related bonuses.

Werewolf powers overview

All of the available Werewolf powers.

NameOPD*DescriptionNotes and Restrictions
Beast FormYesTransform into werewolf formFirst quest for the Circle, gain access to Beast Form.
Beast FormYesTransform into werewolf formThe Ring of Hircine only works for werewolf, granting one extra additional transformation per day.
Howl of RageNoFear nearby foes up to Lvl 25, 30sBeast Form only; default Howl.
Scent of BloodNoDetect Life in a large area, 60sBeast Form only; replaces Howl of Rage.
Howl of the PackNoSummon two wolves to fight at your sideBeast Form only; replaces Howl of Rage.

* OPD = Once per day

Increased Melee Damage

When in Beast Form, attacks are done with claws of the werewolf. For every swipe that connects, it inflict 20 points of damage on a foe. This increases with the Dragonborn's level.

Base Damage of 20

Level 11-15 :+5 damageLevel 16-20 :+15 damage
Level 21-25 :+25 damageLevel 26-30 :+30 damage
Level 31-35 :+30 damageLevel 36-40 :+35 damage
Level 41-45 :+40 damageLevel 46-50 :+50 damage
Level 50 and up :+60 damage

Immunity to Disease

The Dragonborn becomes completely immune to all diseases in both normal and Beast Form. This also protects the Dragonborn from Sanguinare Vampiris (the Vampire Disease), this allows the Dragonborn to fight Vampires without having to worry about contracting the disease. A additonal bonus by becoming a werewolf is that any disease contracted are cured including Sanguinare Vampiris.

Increased Dexterity

In Beast Form, the Dragonborn can sprint on all-fours which is faster than a horse, and jump a lot further than normal.

Restless blood

A Werewolf can never receive a bonus for being Rested.

Howls in Beast Form

In Beast Form the Dragonborn gains access to special set of exclusive Powers called, “Howls”. This howls can be used as many times as wanted, the limitation of the how many howls can be used is set by how long the transformation lasts.

  • Initial Howl: Fear grips nearby foes up to Lv25; lasts 30 seconds.
  • Totem Howl: Detect Life in a large radius around your location; lasts 60 seconds.
  • Totem Howl: Summon two wolves to fight at the same side as the Dragonborn

Members of The Circle

A list of members in the Circle and their skills and which level the trainers train people on.

Aela the HuntressFemale Nord, expert trainerAvailableArchery, ExpertCompanion quest-lineAvailable
FarkasTwin brother to Vilkas, master trainerAvailableHeavy armor, MasterCompanion quest-lineAvailable
Kodlak WhitemaneHarbringer of the CompanionsCompanion quest-line
SkjorNord warrior.The Circle quest-line
VilkasTwin brother to Farkas and master trainerAvailableTwo-handed, MasterCompanion quest-line, The Circle quest-lineAvailable


  • Also the Dragonborn gain access to the Circle, you can given the choice to become werewolf.
  • For unknown reasons every member of the Circle has painted their face, the exception is the Dragonborn.
  • The Dragonborn can’t be both a werewolf and a vampire at the same time.

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