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Set in pre-war Europe in the 1930s, Edward Randy must protect a young girl named Charlotte. Her father was a scientist who developed a weapon for the military and she now holds the key to that devastating technology.


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Each level in The Cliffhanger: Edward Randy is designed to be reminiscent of an action film. The entirety of the game takes place on platforms and vehicles in constant motion. Enemies attack from all sides of the screen and the constant motion means taking out enemies and staying afloat take priority above traversing forward. This is also key as your health is directly related to your score. 
Edward can use his whip to both take out enemies and move across platforms. Other attacks in his arsenal consist of a spinning and sliding kick, but neither have either the reach or the ability to knock enemies toward the camera like his whip does. Your adversaries, though never named, are presumably Nazis.  


Though The Cliffhanger: Edward Randy was never released in the US, perhaps due to the obvious inspiration from Indiana Jones, an official English version of the game does exist. Spectrum and Saturn ports were scheduled to be released later but both fell through.

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