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The Clothier is an NPC from Terraria who sells clothes items.

He used to be an old man that walked around in a building and if you talked to him at night he would turn into Skeletron. If you defeat Skeletron and have a house avalible he move in as The Clothier. Heres a picture of him in the old man form:

*Clothier when he was cursed to transform into Skeletron.

Here is a table of what he sells and the price:

Black Dye1 Gold Coin
Summer Hat (Only at Day time)1 Gold Coin
Plumber's Shirt (Only on Full Moon)25 Gold Coins
Plumber's Pants (Only on Full Moon)25 Gold Coins
The Doctor's Shirt (Only on morning after Full Moon)20 Gold Coins
The Doctor's Pants (Only on morning after Full Moon)20 Gold Coins
Familiar Shirt1 Gold Coin
Familiar Pants1 Gold Coin
Familiar Wig1 Gold Coin
Mime Mask (Only on Blood Moon)2 Gold Coins

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