The Commonlands

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    The Commonlands is an expansive region of grassland that stretches westward from Freeport into Kithicor Forest along the northern edges of the Desert of Ro.

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    East Commonlands Tunnel
    East Commonlands Tunnel

    East Commonlands is located directly outside the western gate of Freeport and is the first step into making the trek across Antonica to Qeynos. Nektulos Forest lies to the north, and a long tunnel to the south leads to the Desert of Ro. Many young humans will test their new skills against the bears, snakes, spiders, undead, and camps of Deathfist orcs found throughout the hills. Inns and merchants can be found scattered throughout the hills, giving rest and replenishment to travelers. Before The Bazaar was founded on the moon of Luclin, the East Commons tunnel was often the place to buy, sell, and trade all kinds of items. The corrupt Freeport guards, most notably Sergeant Slate, would often wreak havoc on the ogres and trolls attempting to sell their wares in the tunnel.

    West Commonlands is a bit more dangerous than the eastern half. The deadly Kithicor Forest lies to the west, while Befallen lies buried in the sand to the south. Along with the Deathfist orcs, several camps of Dervish Cutthroats threaten the passers by. Occasionally, a hill giant may be found roaming the hills killing adventurers without predjudice, and a roaming dragoon from Neriak will crush most good-natured travelers. The main road leading to and from Freeport is blocked by a tollbooth set up by the corrupt Freeport Militia. Western Commonlands a teleport destination for both druids and wizards.

    On December 5, 2006, East and West Commonlands were merged into one revamped zone.

    Neighboring Zones


    West Commonlands
    West Commonlands
    • Ashen Order
    • Coalition of Tradefolk Underground
    • Commons Residents
    • Dark Bargainers
    • The Dead
    • Death Fist Orcs
    • Dervish Cutthroats
    • Dreadguard Inner
    • Dreadguard Outer
    • The Freeport Militia
    • Guardians of the Vale
    • Indigo Brotherhood
    • Jaggedpine Treefolk
    • Kithicor Residents
    • Knights of Truth
    • Mayor Gubbin
    • Merchants of Rivervale
    • Priests of Marr
    • Protectors of the Pine
    • Queen Cristanos Thex
    • Steel Warriors
    • Storm Reapers

    Guild Halls

    Priests of LifeClerics, PaladinsRinna LightshadowRodcet Nife

    Commerce & Tradeskills

    Shop NameGoods SoldCrafting Supplies
    Central InnAlcohol, Cloth Armor, Magician Books, Spell Components
    Eastern InnFood, Water, Alcohol, Cloth ArmorBaking, Pottery
    Hut by BefallenSmithing
    Hut by Central InnFood, Water, Shields, CompassAlchemy
    Lake InnFood Water, Alcohol, Cloth Armor, Shields
    Lake ShopFishing
    Northern InnAlcohol, Cloth ArmorFletching
    Shops by FreeportWeapons, Throwing Weapons, Spell Components
    Toll Booth InnFood, Water, Alcohol, Cloth Armor, Bags


    West Commonlands
    West Commonlands

    Notable NPCs

    • Altunic Jarten
    • Apprentice I'Kalyn
    • Barstre Songweaver
    • Bealya Tanilsuia
    • Captain D'Irth
    • Dragoon Zytl
    • Evocationist Bir'Jeir
    • High Chief Diedridans
    • High Chief Fosloas
    • High Chief Kellerus
    • Jahsohn Aksot
    • Jimble Woodentoe
    • Kizdean Gix
    • Lieutenant Ixev'a
    • Lietuenant N'Xyr
    • Lord Shin Ree
    • Magus Zeir
    • Nightfall Giant
    • Priestess A'Tzae
    • Priestess Sha'Har
    • Sergeant Slate
    • Shady Swashbuckler
    • Simon Aldicott
    • Squire Narl
    • Timtok Tonsmith

    Notable Items

    • Bear Pelts
    • Bronze Weapons
    • Cutthroat Insignia Rings
    • Fine Steel Weapons
    • Lightstones
    • Rawhide Armor

    EverQuest II

    Map of The Commonlands
    Map of The Commonlands

    During the Age of Destiny, the Commonlands remained mostly unaffected by the cataclysm. Refugees that chose to make Freeport their home used the Commonlands to hone their fledgling abilities and skills before venturing further from the city and into the broken lands beyond.


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