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    The Companions

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    The Companions are a group of dedicated warriors in Skyrim. Although the Fighter's Guild is not present in Skyrim, the Companions are their equivalent.

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    The Companions trace their legacy back to the original five hundred companions of Ysgramor, who led the first humans to Skyrim and eventually settled all of Tamriel.


    The Companions are a group of warriors and soldiers. They serve the same purpose as the Fighters Guild in the rest of Tamriel. They take private and public contracts from the people of Skyrim. Contracts can include animal extermination, setting a citizen back in line, hunting down an escaped criminal, or finding a stolen family heirloom. The Companions refer to each other as Shield-brothers and sisters. The Companions can be found at their mead hall Jorrvaskr in the Wind District of Whiterun.


    The way to join is by asking Kodlak Whitemane. The Dragonborn will likely first encounter the Companions outside of Whiterun, fighting a Giant at Pelagia Farm. If the Dragonborn assist the Companions that will make Aela the Huntress react positively. If you choice not assist them, Aela will cause her to chastise the Dragonborn. But she will extend a invitation to the Jorrvaskr in anyway. The fight with giants at Pelagia farm can easily be missed if Whiterun is approached via another route .


    Kodlak Whitemane
    Kodlak Whitemane

    The current leader of the Companions is Kodlak Whitemane. If the player speaks with Eorlund Gray-mane at the Skyforge, he will state they haven’t had a real leader since Ysgamor, the founder of The Companions. The leader acts more like a counselor than a commander. Thou it shall be remembered that Kodlak Whitemane counsel is listened to all different sides in Skyrim.

    Quote from Swyk the Long-Sighted, in the book “Great Harbingers of the Companions”

    The Companions have never had a true leader since Ysgramor -- none have been mighty enough to corral the great hearts that beat within Jorrvaskr.

    The Harbinger advises, resolves disputes, and helps to clarify when questions arise of the nature of honor.

    The Circle


    The Circle is a secret group of Companions who have become werewolves. The Dragonborn will be invited if he/she wants to become a werewolf by Skjor and Aela. If the Dragonborn accepts he will be asked to participate in a special ceremony. By doing so, the Dragonborn becomes an official member of The Circle, which is reserved for those who are deemed worthy of becoming werewolves.


    Their secret meeting place is under the Skyforge and is called the Underforge. They are the target of a group of werewolf hunters called the Silver Hand. Many of the Companion's quests involve hunting Silver Hand members down.

    Members of The Circle



    Jorrvaskr is a mead hall that acts as a sanctuary for the Companions. It is located in Whiterun in the Wind District’s eastern parts. Traditions go back a long time. It is told that the city of Whiterun was built around Jorrvaskr, and as such is considered to be oldest building in Whiterun. The design of the building is of a typical Nordic longhouse.



    The Skyforge is located next to Jorrvaskr. It got its name from the fact that it’s a large, ancient forge, located outside on a mountain, close to the sky. After completing quests for The Companions it can be used by the Dragonborn. This forge has the ability to make Nordic weapons and armor. The blacksmith running the forge is Eorlund Gray-Mane, considered to be the best blacksmith in all of Skyrim. This is where all The Companions' weapons and armors are crafted. The Dragonborn can access to special skyforged weapons if he/she has progressed far enough in the quest-lines of the Companions. Underneath the Skyforge lies the secret meeting place for the Circle, it goes under the name the Underforge.

    Members of The Companions

    A list of members in the Companions and their skills and which level the trainers train people on.

    Aela the HuntressFemale Nord, member of The CircleAvailableArchery, ExpertCompanion quest-lineAvailable
    AthisA Dunmer warriorOne-handed, Expert
    FarkasTwin brother to Vilkas, member of The circle.AvailableHeavy armor, MasterCompanion quest-lineAvailable
    Kodlak WhitemaneHarbringer of the Companions, and a member of the CircleCompanion quest-line
    Njada StonearmSkilled female Nord warrior.AvailableBlock, ExpertAvailable
    RiaThe newest member of the Companions.AvailableAvailable
    SkjorNord warrior and a member of the Circle.The Circle quest-line
    TorvarA drunken Nord warriorAvailableAvailable
    Vignar Gray-ManeA Nord warrior, hangs out a lot at Jorrvaskr. Supporter of the Stormcloak rebellion.Civil War
    VilkasTwin brother to Farkas. Member of the CircleAvailableTwo-handed, MasterCompanion quest-line, The Circle quest-lineAvailable


    • As a member of the Companions you gain access to Master level trainers in Smithing, Heavy Armor, and Two Handed.
    • There is never-ending amount of radiant quests to do for the Companions.
    • As a member of the Companions you can improve the Skyforge to make Ancient Nord armor and Nordic Hero weaponry.
    • Also the Dragonborn gain access to the Circle, you can given the choice to become a werewolf.

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