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The Concubine engaging the Prince in combat
The Concubine engaging the Prince in combat
Using her beauty and guile, the human Concubine positioned herself in a state of social and political power within the royal palace of the Ahuras. Still, her position as a concubine limited the scope of her ascent, and she loathed the forces that dominated her life and will. She endured the abuse of the men she tended to and quickly learned to manipulate them to ease her suffering.

Later, she made a pact with Ahriman. In exchange for her soul, Ahriman transformed her into a creature of corruption with the power to dominate the lives that had dominated her's. She longed to rid herself of her old identity and instead called herself a queen, holding mock courts to indulge her every whim.

In the events of Prince of Persia, the Concubine seeks to reestablish her throne in the royal palace and force the Prince to succumb to her temptations.

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