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    The Creator is the final boss in Final Fantasy Legend (originally known as SaGa in Japan) for the Gameboy. The Creator devised the entire adventure that your characters embark on--including all the events that caused torment and cost innocent lives--as a test to see who the mightiest heroes would be.

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    The Creator is one of the very first characters your party sees in Final Fantasy Legend for the Gameboy, and nudges you along seemingly innocently to begin your quest. After you venture through lands terrorized by monstrous Fiends and bear witness to some of the resulting destruction and depression suffered by the world's inhabitants, you come across The Creator as your final encounter when he reveals to you that he set everything in motion as just a game--a test to see which of the world's mightiest warriors might be able to surmount the challenges he's laid forth. He did all of this by creating the game's major villain, Ashura. The reward for defeating Ashura is a single wish, but your party decides instead to fight The Creator because of his apparently whimsical manipulation and puppeteer tendencies.

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    The Creator's sprite on-screen gives him the appearance of a long-haired fellow in a black suit and black top hat. However, in battle, he appears more like a god. He takes on a fiery aura and an almost priestly appearance, dressed in all white robes and a regal headpiece. In fact, the names of his attacks evoke a religious tone. LIGHT is an attack that blinds your party and REPENT is one that confuses it. In addition, he also attacks with the FLARE spell, RIGHT, and an unnamed attack. Each of these techniques attack the entire party at once.
    Comically, you can defeat The Creator--who, remember, is the game's final boss--with the SAW, a one-hit kill weapon.

    Final Dialogue

    The Creator claims to have created everything to see true courage. This much may have been true, but to your party's characters, apparently it served much more to amuse him than to actually feel the fulfillment that seeing unbridled heroism would bring. He shows this with his condescending attitude towards the way in which the characters take objection to being manipulated and toyed with.

    Creator: Congratulations! I've been waiting for you. You are the first to finish the game.

    Party member: Game?
    Creator: Yes, it's a game I created,
    Party member: What do you mean?
    Creator: People did not know what courage and determination meant. So, I created Ashura to see what people would do.
    Party member: You are crazy!
    Creator: Ashura tested all of you.
    Party member: So it was a game?
    Creator: That's right. I wanted to see a hero defeat this evil.
    Party member: We were all pieces of your design!
    Creator: You understand well. Many have failed the test, but it was refreshing to see courage in the face of danger. I want to   reward you for your accomplishment. I will grant you a wish.
    Party member: We didn't do it for a reward. Besides, you used us!
    Creator: What's wrong with that? I created everything.
    Party member : We are not things!
    Creator: How amusing... you are trying to pick a fight with me! ...Are you sure? ...It's the destiny of mortals... very well. Remember the greatness of my power!

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