The description needs fixing.

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#1 Posted by Jimbo_N (1488 posts) -

Describing the story does NOT mean describing every major event in every chapter of the entire game. Come on!  It should be a summary not a complete frikkin walkthrough of the game. Might end up personally editing this description once I have some time over. Im not really sure whats allowed or considered accepted but some moderator needs to take a look at the Curse of Monkey Island page.

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#2 Posted by DarthMaul (833 posts) -

Yeah, it's a tad long

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#3 Posted by Mukor (28 posts) -

My reasoning behind writing it up so in-depth is so that anyone who's interested can get the full story without playing the game. There have been times in the past where I've wanted to read into the fiction of a game without having to play through it because of the time commitment or the gameplay not appealing to me or whatever reason.

I would have preferred it if there had been a seperate page for a story summary so it's not clunking up the main article but (at least at the moment) there's no space for that.

As for it being a walkthrough, I tried to avoid giving solutions to puzzles except where these impact the story significantly.

At the end of the day it was approved through the modding process so it's okay in my view.

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#4 Posted by Edgar (211 posts) -

It may be a little long but if anyone's going to mess with it it should be Mukor.

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#5 Posted by Robot_Vampire (57 posts) -

I quite like it, i like reading over the Monkey Island stories. And I agree with Mukor about wanting to read the fiction without devoting the playing time to the game.

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