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The Daedalus Encounter is a four CD, full motion video game developed for the 3DO console, PC and Mac. The video sequences are added into pre-rendered 3D backgrounds. It was released in 1995 and garnered moderate reviews. It's the sort of game that quickly becomes frustrating, especially when scenes have to be started all over again if a mistake is made by the player. The fact that it stars Tia Carrere was used as a selling point, as demonstrated by the front cover of the box. The live action scenes were directed by Scott Ewers and filmed in San Francisco at Cinerent Stage A.


The video cut scenes are linked together with various puzzles and limited exploration areas. A great deal of the puzzles involve either opening doors or activating consoles. You are occasionally tasked with saving the lives of your companions, but it is usually far more entertaining to watch them die. The game ends if any of the main characters die, but you can restart the current scene to continue.


Ari and Zack are ex-military personnel turned scavengers. You play the role of their comrade Casey, who suffers a serious accident but is brought back as a cyborg with limited capabilities. For most of the game you see through the eyes of a remote probe controlled by Casey (the player) from the ship. Zack and Ari decide to roam the Galaxy hunting for "juicy derelict ships" to plunder, but they soon get into trouble and need Casey's help to escape their predicament.


Tough and disciplined, Ari ( Tia Carrere) used to be a military pilot and commanded the TAS Interceptor Talon in the first interstellar war. She likes to play things by the rules even though she now no longer works in the military. She finds Zack's "loose cannon" approach irksome at times, but tolerates his behaviour because of his friendship and loyalty.

Zack ( Christian Bocher) used to be the Warrant Officer and co-pilot aboard the Talon under Ari's command. He has a relaxed approach to situations, and sometimes wishes Ari would let her hair down and not be so disciplined all the time.

Casey used to be the gunner on the Talon and has known Ari and Zack since basic training. A serious accident reduces him to a "brain in a box" as Zack puts it. Zack and Ari couldn't resist putting the old team back together and so rescued Casey from the lab where he was held. Casey is the character controlled by the player.


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